The purpose of outdoor infrared heaters

Infrared gas heaters are used in football stadiums.

Outdoor infrared heaters can be used to reshape and utilise the outdoor spaces of restaurants, pubs and other hospitality venues in a big way. The extra heat generated by these…

Outdoor infrared heaters can be used to reshape and utilise the outdoor spaces of restaurants, pubs and other hospitality venues in a big way. The extra heat generated by these systems will be greatly appreciated by customers, enticing them to stay for longer and order more. A growing number of establishments are using infrared heaters to extend their summer season and increase capacity as much as possible.

Al fresco dining is an activity which has always proven popular with restaurant goers, and the importance placed upon it intensified as for a number of months during the ongoing Covid pandemic offering an outdoor space in which to eat was the only way many venues could operate at all. Even after the laws were relaxed, the fact that it is considered safer to be outdoors from the point of view of avoiding infection has made al fresco dining all the more attractive.


Infrared heaters provide many benefits which traditional gas and electric options cannot. These heaters operate on the radiant principle similar to the rays of the sun, emitting heat that reaches people and objects without heating the surrounding air, avoiding heat loss and saving energy in the process.

As well as this outdoor infrared heaters produce:

  • Limited noise: The heaters will function silently in the background while providing comfort for guests. This way customers will not be disrupted during their conversations and can enjoy their time out all the more.
  • Safe heat: While the sun emits ultraviolet rays, these heaters do not create any harmful radiation, providing safety for staff and guests that are within their close proximity.

While it may be logistically challenging to maintain an outdoor space as well as an indoor establishment, the benefits are clear for all to see: more space equals more tables which equals more diners which equals more profit; and a heated outdoor

area shows passing pedestrians that an establishment is welcoming and cares for its customers, which entices more diners to come in.

Wall-mounted gas-fired outdoor infrared heaters have been widely used by catering establishments throughout the UK to offer comfortable al fresco dining conditions for their guests. Innovative gas infrared technology can provide over 60% on energy costs, so energy-efficient gas-fired radiant heaters cost less to run than owners and managers of hospitality venues might think.

Qualified professional HVAC suppliers and installers will be able to use their industry knowledge to talk customers through their options and tailor a solution to match their requirements. They will be capable of working out what type of heaters are needed for specific spaces and install them so that they perform at optimum efficiency.

An infrared patio heater from Schwank.

Schwank provides terrace heating systems which have been specifically designed for the catering industry. These outdoor infrared heaters have been tested and proven to increase customer satisfaction and can be used all year round.

Stadium Heating

Football grounds in the UK and worldwide are frequently subject to adverse weather conditions. Naturally, football fans want to feel comfortable during the cold winter months to be able to fully enjoy the match. Efficient systems for stadium heating plays a very important role in providing a positive match experience for fans as well as supporting their health and wellbeing.

Heating systems for sports venues
Heating systems for sports venues

The stadium heaters page on this website explains how systems can be designed to master the most challenging and harsh outdoor environments of football stadiums, such as extreme height, weather, moisture impact and turbulences under the stadium roof. So stadium heating is yet another successful use of infrared heaters in outdoor locations.

Providing comfort outdoors

Schwank is dedicated to making sure that restaurants and football stadiums are able to provide first class outdoor heating facilities to meet the harsh demands of wind and weather! With weather conditions becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable, it is important that outdoor sporting and leisure facilities have the HVAC systems in place to drive their success and profitability. We are determined to play our part in supporting these objectives through our experience and technological expertise.


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Infrared gas heaters are used in football stadiums.

The purpose of outdoor infrared heaters

Outdoor infrared heaters can be used to reshape and utilise the outdoor spaces of restaurants, pubs and other hospitality venues…

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