Air curtains

Hall heating as a complete system

With air curtains, building operators supplement their industrial space heating and cooling systems in an efficient manner and avoid unnecessary energy losses and unwanted draughts through doors and gates. For this purpose, Schwank offers various systems for almost every individual application.  The SchwankAir air curtains are suited for new buildings as well as for retrofitting.

Product overview

Our Schwank air curtains


Series H

Air Curtains

Schwank air curtains for industry and trade are ideally suited to supplement hall heating and cooling systems. Since heat is…

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Series A

Air Curtains

Schwank's air curtains for industry and trade perfect the heating and cooling systems of halls. Series A air curtains ensure…

Product details of Schwank air curtains

Air curtains eliminate energetic weak points

Air curtain systems

Small investment – great effect

Open doors and gates are often energy-devouring challenges to systems of efficient heaters and cooling units in the workplace. Valuable heat in winter and elaborately generated cold air in summer escapes at these points. The following holds true: the bigger the opening, the more drastic is the effect of uncontrolled exchange of ambient and outdoor air and the higher the probability that it will result in unpleasant draughts.

Those who keep these heat losses in check with the help of air curtains spare energy costs and enhance the work climate. For gates, Schwank, a leading expert in the manufacture of innovative energy efficient heating and cooling solutions, offers tailor-made products, including with regard to supplementing existing heating systems.

Lufteintritt bei ausgeschaltetem Torluftschleier

Lufteintritt bei angeschaltetem Torluftschleier

An end to uncontrolled ventilation

Reducing heating costs with air curtains

Air curtains blow ambient air or heated air directly along the opened gate. This “curtain of air” separates the outdoor air from the indoor environment in the form of an invisible wall. Unpleasant draughts from the outside are therefore prevented, which enhances employee satisfaction in a sustainable manner.

Important with a view to energy prices: facility operators save energy costs and the operating times of the heating system are reduced significantly.

Torluftschleier außer Betrieb

Torluftschleier in Funktion

Air curtains

More comfort for your hall

Like a curtain, Schwank air curtain systems prevent the penetration of cold or warm air. Conversely, they also block the unwanted volatilisation of, for example, conditioned air.

Benefits of Schwank air curtains

Added value through air curtain systems


  • Air curtains reduce the energy costs through reducing the ventilation in case of open doors.
  • Air curtains increase comfort by preventing the entry of warm air in summer as well as cold air in winter.
  • Air curtains help to reduce absence of employees by preventing draughts and increase their comfort levels.


Schwank air curtains information

For users and planers

The energy saver for your hall door

In this section you will find product brochures, technical information and press articles about Schwank air curtains.

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Thanks to its leading heating technologies and outstanding product and service quality, the WirtschaftsWoche recently named the Schwank Group the “world market leader”.


Success at TOP 100: Schwank belongs to the innovation leaders 2018

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For the 25th time, the TOP 100 competition chooses the most innovative firms amongst German medium-sized enterprises. Schwank GmbH is one of these innovation firms this year.

Stahl Innovationspreis

deltaSchwank becomes finalist of the Steel Innovation Prize 2018

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Our highly-efficient tube heater deltaSchwank has convinced another jury. This time because of its special design.

Logo ErP 2018

ErP 2018

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Since 1st January 2018, the ErP Directive has applied to space heating systems for buildings such as luminous (plaque) and tube heaters. SCHWANK manufactures the most efficient heating systems that achieve excellent values in this category. Learn more about the requirements of the new Ecodesign Directive below.

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Großer Preis des Mittelstands
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