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Electric heat pumps – cooling and heating with one system: using renewable energies – minimising CO₂ emissions

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The electric heat pumps are the professional solution for heating and cooling large buildings such as industrial halls, sports facilities, schools, nurseries, office and hotel buildings.
With the declared climate goal and the accompanying obligation to increasingly use renewable energies, heat pumps are among the future solutions for environmentally friendly heating and cooling. Compliance with the Building Energy Act (GEG) will play a key role in this.

Ultimately, however, it is also a matter of cost. In view of the rising energy prices, heat pumps offer an option to replace the existing heating system with an efficient and economical solution. Heat pumps draw around three-quarters of the energy for heating from the environment – for example, from the air or the ground. These renewable energies are available free of charge.
The required electrical drive energy of the heat pump can be covered with green or self-produced electricity.

Schwank Products and Solutions

Electric heat pumps for heating and cooling

Air-air heat pumps

Uniform temperature distribution due to single/multi-split systems

Air-to-air heat pumps are a flexible solution to heat industrial halls and buildings cost effectively and efficiently. Air-to-air heat pumps can also work as an air conditioning system. By reversing the thermodynamic process in the heat pump, it can extract heat from the building and thus cool it. Inverter-controlled heat pump systems can be mounted de centrally on the building envelope or on the roof. Connected by means of refrigerant pipes, an indoor unit takes over the distribution of the warm or cold air. Thus, the installation distances remain short, the heat/cold loss is low and the hot/cold air can be introduced in a targeted manner.

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Air-water heat pumps

Flexible and economical in new construction and refurbishment

In new construction projects, air-to-water heat pumps are an ideal heating solution due to their good price-performance ratio. Air-to-water heat pumps use free environmental heat to efficiently generate hot or cold water. With an unbeatable advantage: the heat can be taken from the environment anywhere and in infinite quantities. Modern, well-insulated buildings only require low flow temperatures of between 35 and 40 °C to meet their heating needs. Heat pumps operate particularly efficiently in this range. And even for heating renovations of poorly insulated buildings that require higher flow temperatures (up to 55 °C is possible), there are now suitable heat pump-based solutions. With heat pumps, the so-called cascade (modular) connection is possible, so that the heating output can be flexibly adapted to the respective heat demand (outputs from 6 – 400 kW).

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Flexible heating and cooling of several rooms

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems are used to distribute generated heat and cold to different rooms as needed, even simultaneously. VRF systems are so-called direct evaporators, which do not require another heat transport medium for energy transfer. Since the otherwise usual heat transfer via a heat exchanger is associated with heat losses, the resulting heat losses can be saved by using direct evaporators.
The refrigerant therefore flows directly from the outdoor unit to the indoor units. Less energy is lost in the process than in water-bearing systems. This saves energy costs when heating or cooling.

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Advantages of Schwank Electric Heat Pumps

The electric heat pump has unparalleled energy efficiency in high performance operation

The main benefits of electric heat pumps:

  • highest energy efficiency due to inverter-controlled double rotary piston compressor
  • highest flexibility due to max. total line length of 1,000 m
  • wide range of different connectable indoor units
  • can be combined with water heat exchangers for hot/cold water applications

Function and efficiency of electric heat pumps

Electric heat pumps – regenerative energy from the environment.

In all heat pump systems, the basic function is the same: the refrigerator principle only in reverse. In contrast to the refrigerator, which extracts heat from the interior, the heat pump obtains the heat from outside, i.e. from the air or the ground, and releases it back into the hall air as heating energy. By reversing this principle, the hall can be cooled.

The amazing thing is that even at temperatures well below freezing, the heat pump can extract heat from its surroundings. The prerequisite is that the temperature of the heat source (air) is higher than the boiling point of the refrigerant. For conventional refrigerants, this is -57 °C to -12 °C. Thus, even cold outside air in winter still has enough thermal energy to heat big buildings economically.

The suitability for warehouses and production buildings depends on factors such as the building envelope, the usage profile, but also the investment volume. With the experience of more than 90 years of hall heating, we will work out a suitable solution together with you.


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