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With Schwank engine-driven gas heat pumps, heating and cooling can be carried out in an extremely efficient manner, and moreover, by just one system. As compared to the electrically operated heat pump, a gas motor takes over the propulsion of a refrigerant process. There are a number of advantages from the gas heat pump using gas as its energy source instead of electricity for the generation of heating or cooling.


Possible applications for temperature control (heating and cooling) in trade and industry:

● Halls for the storage of temperature-sensitive goods, e.g. chocolate, cosmetics, hazardous substances, pharmaceutical products

● Heating and cooling supply in offices, laboratories research centres and exhibition locations

● Temperature control of buildings with thermal processes, e.g. when using machines in a hall

Product Portfolio

Our Gas Heat Pumps

Product picture of the gas heat pump ECO-G GE3 from Schwank.


Climate Systems

The new GE3 series of gas heat pumps has the best seasonal energy efficiency values that can be obtained from…

Product picture of the gas heat pump ECO-G GE3 from Schwank.


Climate Systems

At present, the devices of the ECO G GF3 series are the only 3-pipe gas heat pumps in Europe and…

Benefits of Gas Heat Pumps

Added Value of Engine-driven Gas Heat Pumps for Industry & Commerce


● Lower energy costs by approximately 30% – use of the cheaper energy source: gas

● Saving additional investments – e.g. transformer stations, no peak load coverage in heating mode

● Reduction of operating times – no special runtimes for defrost mode

● One device for two applications – cooling and heating; even simultaneous operation is possible

● Reduction of internal consumption of electricity usage and thereforeus expensive current peaks – discharge of the company´s electricity grids

● Long maintenance intervals of the overall situation – use of durable components, first servicing after 10,000 h (corresponds to approximately 3-4 years – for normal use)

Features of the Schwank Gas Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps for Industry & Trade at a Glance

Gas – the Driving Force

During the generation of electricity in modern gas or coal fired power plants, approximately 60% waste heat is produced. However, the waste heat produced in the gas engine of a heat pump is used by the device directly on site. It either supports the heat pump process or serves as the additional heat source, eg for heating the water supply.

That is the difference between a gas and an electric heat pump. Engine-driven gas heat pumps are used throughout the world as environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for the temperature control of buildings. Especially for bigger loads – eg in industry or commerce – this technology is extremely advantageous, since using gas as the primary energy source.


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Partnership with Added Value

For our gas heat pumps, we rely on Panasonic – one of the leading manufacturers. In 1958, the company developed the first room air conditioner and has continually been making advancements in its “climate control” business segment. Panasonic is an ideal partner as far as gas heat pumps are concerned. When it comes to the development of its gas heat pumps, the company places huge emphasis on efficiency, dependability and low noise levels. Thanks to intensive quality controls, the Panasonic heating and cooling systems meet the highest requirements. Panasonic gas heat pumps are characterised by their high level of innovation and quality. Together with Schwank’s expertise in and cooling of large-scale buildings, an unbeatable partnership has been formed exemplified by quality and competence.

Hot Water instead of Cooling Agent

Gaswärmepumpen Industrienutzen

A heat exchanger integrated into the gas heat pump motor ensures that water pipes can be directly connected to the heat pump. The requirement for cooling agent pipework is therefore omitted completely.

Cooling Agent: Connection to a Ventilation Unit [RLT]

Gaswärmepumpen Industrienutzen

Alternatively, the gas heat pump can be connected to a ventilation (RLT) unit. It provides the building with heating or cooling via duct systems. A combination of indoor units and the RLT system is also possible.

Cooling Agent: Direct Connection of Indoor Units

Gaswärmepumpen Industrienutzen

Indoor units connected directly to the cooling agent system ensure the heating and cooling distribution within the buildings. Here, no additional heat exchangers are used – the closed system ensures efficient temperature control.

Combination: Hot Water and Cooling Agent

Gaswärmepumpen Industrienutzen

Optionally, an additional heat exchanger can be integrated into the system. For example, an adjacent office or a hot water requirement can be supplied.



Schwank Heat Pumps Information

For End Users, Installers and Engineers

All You Need to Know about the Gas Heat Pump Technology

In this section you will find product brochures, technical information and press articles about Schwank engine-driven gas heat pump systems.

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    Our customers expect energy-saving, innovative and reliable solutions which are supported by a professional and well attuned customer service…

  • Schwank Solutions – Brochure

    More than two million units sold in over 40 countries worldwide speak for themselves.

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    The production of electricity in a coal or natural gas power plant has an efficiency of approximately 40%…

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For years, the manufacturers of infrared heaters have been advertising the modernity and future viability of their technology. Now the industry, and above all the Schwank company, has set a groundbreaking milestone with the development of its first 100% hydrogen-compatible tube heating system.

Energy efficiency is vital for reaching net zero

Energy Efficiency is Vital for Reaching Net Zero


A post on the EURACTIV website has included a statement by Paula Pinho from the European Commission’s Energy Directorate, which read as follows: “We believe that, first and foremost, we need to continue to apply the energy efficiency first principle, ensuring that really we make the most out of our limited resources.”

The deltaSchwank is a tube heater from Schwank.

Schwank is Global Market Leader for Infrared Tube Heaters

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A recently published market research report by "Industry Research" confirms the Schwank Group as the global market leader in the field of infrared tube heaters.

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