Schwank heating systems for logistics halls

Logistics buildings lay down several requirements based on their use profiles, such as opened doors, high storage shelves, different use areas, etc. Although a part of the stored goods requires only a minimum of heat, effective warehouse is indispensable in the storage and retrieval process and in the logistic concept of man-to-goods. However, warehouse or distribution center heating also has other functions to serve. For instance, in the case of the sprinkler systems are kept free of frost and, in case there are oxidation-susceptible goods such as bright steel, they must be kept free of condensation. The intake of cold mainly takes place in loading and unloading areas. Even the general cargo to be stored conveys cooling in the room, depending on its own mass.

Experience matters. As the market leader in innovative infrared technology, Schwank has already heated logistics areas of 10 million m2 in an energy-efficient manner. For our customers, economic and environmental reasons, energy saving, and low operating costs are the most significant decision-making criteria. Logistics halls lay down several requirements based on their use profiles, for example:

  • Heating zones in the loading and unloading areas
  • Ensuring basic warehouse heating requirements in the storage and commissioning area
  • Separated workstation heating of selected areas [workplace clusters]
  • Energy-efficient heating for the reduction of operating costs of logistics and distribution center heating
  • Flexibility in the arrangement of units, eg for alternating profiles of requirements

The Schwank heating concept for logistics buildings

Heating systems specially developed for logistics halls

  • No heat loss: In spite of opened building doors, the indoor space remains pleasantly temperate. Since the heat is transferred in the form of infrared radiation, which means that even the floor and the walls store the heat, the heat is not lost in case of frequent door movements and draughts.
  • Zone heating: Achieving a uniform temperature level and pleasant heat in various hall zones.
  • No dust-raising: As opposed to conventional heating systems, where large amounts of air move inside the room, the stored goods are prevented from becoming dusty.
  • Flexible heating system: Should a change in the logistics concept become necessary in the course of time [e.g. due to a changing usage profile], the heating system can be customised easily and flexibly.

Schwank services for logistic buildings

Heating in logistics as an all-round solution

  • Full service, including design planning, construction management, assembly to maintenance´
  • Official approvals
  • Briefing of the user
  • Heating cost comparisons
  • Detailed system documentation for each project
  • Comprehensive assembly and operating manuals for all warehouse heating devices
  • Availability of spare parts for at least 10 years

Pictures of realized plants in logistics

Schwank hall heaters in use

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