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Today modern industrial buildings require more than just heat – sealed building envelopes have to be ventilated and vented as required. In order to save energy, powerful heat recovery technology is used within a ventilation unit. People’s demands on their workplace are increasing, as are the demands on modern production processes. As a result, demand is increasing not only for industrial building heating and cooling solutions, but also for effective ventilation systems. Schwank offers holistic ventilation technology for this.

Since the invention of the infrared heater, Schwank has equipped countless buildings with powerful and efficient heating and cooling solutions. Our customers appreciate Schwank’s high-quality products and reliable service – from the initial concept to installation and maintenance. For Schwank ventilation technology, our engineers combine modern ventilation units with innovative heat pumps, for example with a gas engine or electric drive. On request, the individual control technology ensures the highest efficiency in ventilation. Air handling, cooling and heating – all from a single source.

Schwank Products and Solutions

Efficient Systems for Industrial Building Ventilation – Air Renewal


Highly Efficient Ventilation Technology

The heart of every ventilation system: In the air handling unit there are fans for the drive and filters for air purification. The air is heated, cooled and dehumidified as required. Thanks to efficient heat recovery and intelligent control, valuable energy only goes the way it is given. And that can be very different, especially in industrial buildings. Schwank has the right solution for this.

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Advantages of Ventilation Technology

Why are Effective Ventilation Systems Required in Industry, Trade and Logistics?

Ventilation Technology Can Be Necessary or Useful for Various Reasons in Industrial and Commercial Operations:

  • increase in productivity through
  • higher comfort for employees
  • ensure health and less downtime
  • support of seasonal industrial building heating or cooling with ventilation devices
  • transfer of internal loads, e.g. machine heat
  • removal of pollutants from occupied areas by displacement or dilution with the ventilation system
  • avoidance of particle entry from the environment in sensitive processes
  • guaranteed defined room temperature and humidity for critical processes or storage

Air handling units aeroSchwank on the roof of the building.

As Required, the Right Climate with Ventilation Units

When is Cooling Used in Industry, Trade and Logistics?

There are three reasons for cooling large interiorspaces, especially industrial buildings:

Air Climate in Industry

In some cases it is necessary for technical reasons to keep the interior temperature within a small tolerance. This is the only way to ensure the required precision of the parts to be manufactured. Only by employing cooling indoor air technology are you able to regulate the temperature in the building with sufficient accuracy.

Increase Productivity

The work performance of people in higher temperatures has been proven to decrease, while the frequency of accidents increases. Cost-effectiveness considerations therefore lead to the question of whether it makes sense to supplement the building‘s ventilation with a cooling system. The lower the costs for this, the sooner an installation is possible.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

The desire of employees and workers for cooling the interior spaces in production facilities is understandable. This is countered by investment and operating costs. A compromise between demand and cost makes sense, so that the idea of ​​using air conditioning technology for cooling is also inevitable here.

Schwank offers various solutions for cooling. Depending on the local requirements, user requirements and legal requirements, the right system can be specified:

● gas engine heat pump

● hybrid system [combination of gas engine and electric drive in one device]

● electric heat pump

● chiller

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