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Heating & cooling for every application

Schwank supplies highly efficient heating solutions and systems for the cooling of industrial buildings and commercially-used properties. The portfolio of Schwank offers the right solution for any task. Our engineers develop solutions that satisfy the on-site requirements in an ideal way. We concentrate on the highest level of energy efficiency and durability.

Schwank is a world leading specialist in the supply of economical and comfortable gas-fired infrared heating systems, cogeneration units and gas heat pumps for use within buildings in industry, commerce and logistics.

In the development of individual solutions for heating and cooling of industrial buildings and other large space applications, our engineers give a lot of importance to specific on-site requirements. Here, we concentrate on the highest possible level of energy efficiency and durability and offer our customers a comprehensive service portfolio from on-site consultation right down to maintenance and repair during the entire life-cycle of the system. Our services to ensure the effective heating and cooling of industrial buildings are comprehensive and highly focused.

Schwank products and solutions

Heating systems and cooling solutions for all applications

Industry and trade

Heating & cooling where you need it

In industry and trade, some serious and specific features need to be taken into consideration during the planning, implementation and maintenance of heating systems. Dirt, sensitive machines such as CNC machines, opened gates or varying shift times are only a few of them.

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Special heating systems & cooling solutions

Logistics buildings lay down several specific requirements based on their use profiles, such as opened doors, high storage shelves, different use areas, etc. Although a part of the stored goods may require only a minimum of heat, effective warehouse heating is indispensable in the storage and retrieval process and warehouse personnel are working with goods in storage.

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Workshops & showrooms

Heating systems efficient & cost-saving

As a market leader, we have made an outstanding name not only in the heating and cooling of industrial buildings and commercial premises. Our systems have also been installed in show rooms, workshops, car-washes and car dealerships.

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Sport venues

Comfortable heating

Sports venues offer a number of special characteristics due to their usage profile. These need to be taken into account during the planning of a heating and cooling system. Apart from the most efficient and therefore cost-saving operation, the focus is particularly on the comfort of the athletes, the audience and the guests.

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Patios & outdoor areas

Infrared radiator for an extended open-air season

Our outdoor heating solutions are already a feature on many terraces of restaurants, cafés and pub gardens. Patio heating solutions are decisive for a high-turnover at hospitality venues, and for increasing occupancy over a maximum period of time throughout the year.

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Benefits of Schwank infrared heating systems

High quality & efficient heating systems and cooling solutions

Unlike other manufacturers, the Schwank heating-cooling systems are conceptualised especially for use in industry, commerce and logistics and each individual heating system is customised for the respective facility. Our heating systems are characterised by a series of qualities, which qualify them particularly for use in industry and commerce:

  • Infrared heat:

Heat rays of the Schwank gas-fired radiant heating systems travel through the air in the building without losses. The rays from our industrial infrared heaters fall on the surfaces in the building and heat them. This principle helps the infrared systems of Schwank save energy costs. Scientific studies prove that a reduction of air temperature by 1°C corresponds to a reduction in energy costs by 7%.

  • Preventing heat cushions:

Hot air rises upwards. This is the biggest drawback of conventional warm air units. The expensively heated air accumulates beneath the roof and does not reach the people at ground level. The infrared heating systems by Schwank heat the air only indirectly and the heat radiation reaches where it is required.

  • Preventing heat losses:

Owing to the targeted infrared radiation of heating systems by Schwank, the building envelope does not get heated unnecessarily; the difference between the temperature of the outdoor air and room air is therefore kept very low. Transmission losses are therefore minimised.

  • Speed:

Since the air in the building is not heated beforehand, the heating systems by Schwank react extremely quickly. Warmth can be felt as soon as the heating system is switched on.

  • Decentralisation:

Conventional boiler systems generate heat in one location and transport it to the place where it is required. Energy losses arising from such a process are inevitable. The infrared heating systems by Schwank generate heat directly where it is required. Transmission losses are completely omitted.

  • Zone heating:

Many companies work in shifts. This results in work taking place in one part of the building while the other is not yet occupied. With a Schwank system of industrial infrared heaters, the heating of the building can be divided into zones. Depending on the usage, the heating system can therefore be activated in some parts of the building and can remain deactivated in the other parts – exactly like a light switch. Ventilation between the individual building parts plays no role.

Stepless modulation as standard for hall heating systems

The right way of controlling heating systems

Apart from the desired room temperature, the minimum outdoor temperature of the respective location also forms the basis for the calculation of the heat requirement of buildings. For instance, it is -16 °C for Munich. In order to ensure that the building maintains the desired target temperature even at these temperatures, the heating system is designed for these minimum temperatures. In other words, this means that the heating system is oversized for 95% of the time.

Similar to your car, the heating system consumes the most energy under full load. Since the full output is required only rarely, the full modulation offers the option of adapting the output to the actual requirement. Up to 14% of the energy can therefore be saved. Additionally, the modulation enhances comfort. While single-step solutions show severe fluctuations in the actual temperature, a fully modulating system by Schwank can be flexible in how it adjusts its output. As a result, the actual and target temperatures lie significantly closer to each other and temperature fluctuations are avoided.

Advantages of fully modulating systems:

  • The adaptation of fuel and combustion air to the actual heat requirement increases the overall energy efficiency.
  • The life time of our energy efficient industrial infrared heaters is significantly extended due to a reduced number of switching cycles.
  • Since there is no need to restart the system, “purging” with air is not required. This can avoid unnecessary heat losses and saves energy.
  • The lower exhaust gas temperature leads to a lower exhaust gas speed, whereby there is more time to dissipate heat from the hot gas to the device.
  • Owing to the reduced cycles, the formation of non-combusted pollutants that arise during the start can be reduced.

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