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We have continuously developed ourselves and our products for over 80 years. As a result of this consistent improvement, we have become the global market leader in the field of energy-efficient heating solutions based on infrared technology for non-residential buildings, in particular industrial buildings and large spaces. With the highest quality standards, we have steadily expanded our product range over the years.

Be it innovative luminous (plaque) heaters, tube heaters, hybrid systems or warm air units – we offer our customers the entire spectrum of economical heating technologies from a single source. This enables us to offer our customers system-neutral consultation, ensuring that they are provided with the most efficient heating solutions and other HVAC products for their specific requirements.

What Makes a Schwank-Product Special?

Made in Germany

We believe that passion is the crucial element for innovative products and services,together with a commitment to the values of energy efficiency and “Made in Germany” quality. These form the basis of our daily work. Each energy-efficient heating solution  and every high performance HVAC device we supply is made from materials of the highest quality to ensure lifelong reliable service.

Call us picky, but before a Schwank product leaves our production, it is put through its paces. Only then we can ensure that it meets our high-quality standards and earns the name “Schwank”.

Schwank Brand Values

Heating and Cooling Solutions from the World Market Leader

Schwank International

Global Player with 13 Subsidiaries

Schwank is represented by 13 own subsidiaries worldwide. In addition, we have a comprehensive network of partners so that we are represented in over 40 countries around the world.

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Schwank History

All about the Roots and Milestones of Schwank

With over 90 years of company history and three generations of the Schwank family, we can look back on an eventful history.

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