Infrared heat for workshops and showrooms

Efficient workshop heating & air conditioning

As the market leader, we have made outstanding names not only in the heating of industrial and commercial buildings. Our solutions have established themselves in workshops, car showrooms, carwash plants, accessories stores and showrooms / sales rooms.

In a contrast to conventional heating systems, the workshop heating system offers key advantages:

  • Efficiency: In workshop heating, up to 50% energy is saved by using Schwank energy-efficient space heaters compared to conventional systems.
  • Low noise level: The gas workshop heaters work with an almost noiseless operation.
  • No dust turbulence: The tiresome cleaning and polishing of exhibits in showrooms is considerably reduced by using gas workshop heaters. Dust and dirt are not whirled around in workshops.
  • Space saving: The gas workshop heaters are mounted on the ceiling. This leaves valuable space on the walls and floor as storage and shelf space or for placing machines.
  • No fogging: Since Schwank workshop heaters work without hot air, the window fronts remain clear and the unobstructed view of the vehicles remains unobstructed.
  • Partial surface heating: With infrared energy-efficient space heaters,it is possible heat only customer discussion areas or workplaces between the platforms and stands.
  • No heat loss: Even with increased air exchange due to frequently opening doors, the thermal comfort is maintained by the workshop heating system.

Energy-efficient space heaters for wash facilities and damp areas

Workshop heating from Schwank for all areas of application

With its specially developed tube heater for car washes, Schwank offers a genuine solution for the heating of washing bays and plants. This has a number of benefits including:

  • Keeping the system free of frost; 365 days of unlimited operation possible
  • Accident protection for customers and employees, since no ice is formed in the pre-cleaning areas in front of the building
  • Special splash protection [protection class IP 55]; the burner unit of the heater is protected against a direct jet of water
  • Long-term corrosion protection through the use of stainless steel and aluminised steel – proven in long-term tests

Pictures of completed installations in workshops & showrooms

Schwank heating in use

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