Renewable Systems for Sustainable Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

We Support You on Your Way to Your Sustainable Building Technology: Renewable Heating, Cooling & Ventilation.

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It pays off to invest into sustainable building technology for many reasons: You actively contribute to the “green” energy transition. Further, investments into renewable heating and climate systems pay for themselves very quickly. Operating costs are often significantly lower due to increased efficiencies from equipment evolutions. Renewable heating or cooling can be realised for instance with different heat pumps or solar air collectors.


Renewable Heating and Cooling Systems by Schwank

Heat, Cool and Ventilate without Emissions

Solar Air Collectors

The Power of the Sun for Industrial Buildings

Solar air collectors convert solar energy into heat energy extremely effectively and bring it directly into the building. They heat by using renewable energy to assist your industrial heating system. Solar air collectors can reduce heating energy costs and CO2 emissions by 50 %.

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Renewable Systems

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Regeneratives Heizen: Eine lange Hallenfassade mit unverglasten Solar-Luftkollektoren von Schwank.

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