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The new ECOi-W chiller from Schwank partners Panasonic is a multifaceted solution for heating and cooling. The heating and cooling system capacities lie in a large range between 20 kW and 210 kW. The units can also be used under extreme temperatures. Heating operation is possible as low as -17 °C and cooling operation is possible to +50 °C outside temperature.  The typical flow temperature for heating is +55 °C.

As the chillers are individually configured according to customer requirements, they can be used in a wide range of applications. The chillers can be optimised for the required application and, for example, can be adapted to specified outside temperatures and desired flow temperatures. This flexible approach ensures that the ECOi-W series is always an efficient solution for hotels, offices and industrial applications.

With a SEER [Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio] of up to 3.85 and a SCOP [Seasonal Coefficient of Performance] of up to 3.32, Panasonic chillers are extremely cost effective heating and cooling systems. In addition, the special design of the cooling coils enables a particularly efficient defrosting process. This results in a COP [Coefficient of Performance] up to 15 % higher than comparable units.

A wide range of communication interfaces, a user-friendly operating display and the possibility of cloud connection round off the capabilities of these powerful units. Thanks to their compact design, the chillers can be easily set up and have flexible positioning possibilities – even when space is limited.

Benefits of Schwank Chillers

Despite Their Compact Design, Chillers Offer High Nominal Capacities as Heating and Cooling Systems

The most important benefits of the chillers:

  • Nominal power from 20 kW to 210 kW
  • Extremely wide outdoor temperature range from -17 °C [heating] to +50 °C outdoor temperature [cooling]
  • Wide range of hydraulic options
  • Wide range of compatible communication protocols
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Compatible with Panasonic cloud applications
  • Integrated Modbus interface
  • Optimised for service and maintenance
  • Compact design

Heating and Cooling Capacity of Schwank Chillers

Diagram from Panasonic

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