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We invented the luminous (plaque) heater and that’s our unique position in the HVAC sector. Schwank radiant plaque heaters are used for infrared heating systems in industrial and commercial buildings, logistics facilities and workshops. The core component of our infrared gas heaters is the Schwank ceramic tile, invented by the company’s founder Günther Schwank. It is still manufactured by us in Germany.


The infrared energy is generated by the combustion of a gas-air mixture in the ceramic tile. The surface of the ceramic tile heats up to approximately 950 °C, glows “red hot” and emits infrared radiation. Reflectors direct the radiation downwards into the common area. Excellent performance and efficiency is achieved by every radiant plaque heater.

Luminous heaters are also characterised by their especially clean combustion with extremely low NOx values. This is a feature of infrared heating systems that is becoming increasingly important.

Product Overview

Our Schwank Luminous Heaters

Product picture luminous heater supraSchwank of the company Schwank.


Heating Solutions

The supraSchwank belongs amongst the top models in Schwank’s range of luminous heaters [also known as plaque heaters] and is…

Product picture luminous heater primoSchwank of the company Schwank.


Heating Solutions

primoSchwank sets the industry standard in terms of infrared heating and guarantees good seasonal efficiency and radiation factors. Within the…

Benefits of the Plaque Heaters

Added Value of Infrared Gas Heaters for Halls

Benefits of the Schwank Luminous (Plaque) Heater Systems

  • Exceptionally high energy efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Uniform and comfortable heat
  • Very short up-heating times
  • Quality, durability and comfort
  • Heating of sub-areas and temperature differentiation inside an interior space is possible
  • No dust swirls or draught air produced
  • Practically silent
  • Simple and space-saving installation
  • “Made in Germany” quality
  • Exceeds all statutory provisions (EnEV, ErP etc.)

Features of the Luminous Heaters

Hall Heaters with Infrared Simply Explained

The Principle of Ceiling-mounted Infrared Gas Heaters

The functioning principle of a luminous heater is as simple as it is brilliant: Gas, normally natural gas, but also propane as well as biogas, is mixed with air in a mixing chamber and directed through the approximately 3,500 combustion channels of the specially developed ceramic tiles. The mixture is ignited just before its outlet. Thanks to the extremely close-knit combustion channels, the ceramic tile is heated to approximately 950 °C.

This results in the formation of radiation energy, which is subsequently directed, by means of highly reflective reflectors, to the exact location where it is required: in the common area of employees. The principle of our infrared heating systems has been copied from nature. The heat rays of the sun travel through the air without heating it and emit their thermal energy only when they fall on surfaces. The Schwank infrared heaters use the same natural technology to heat buildings in an energy-efficient manner. The infrared rays are converted into heat at the point of contact, for example, on our skin but also on the floor, machines, stored goods and products. Heating therefore takes place where it is required. The surfaces absorb the thermal energy and, in turn, re-emit it into the environment.

This results in a balanced micro-climate made of air and radiation heat, which is very pleasant for the employees. The energy costs are reduced significantly and the feeling of comfort is enhanced for the people. As compared to conventional systems, savings from our infrared heating systems generally amount to between 30%-50%.

Up to 14% Energy Savings through Full Modulation

Apart from the desired room temperature, the minimum outdoor temperature of the respective location also forms the basis for the calculation of the heat requirement of buildings. For instance, it is -16 °C for Munich. In order to ensure that the building maintains the desired target temperature even at these temperatures, the heating system is designed for these minimum temperatures. In other words, this means that the heating system is overactive for 95% of the time. Similar to your car, the heating system consumes the most energy under full load. Since the full output is required only rarely, full modulation offers the option of adapting the output of infrared gas heaters to the actual requirement. Up to 14% of the energy can therefore be saved. Additionally, the modulation enhances comfort. While single-step solutions show severe fluctuations in the actual temperature, a fully modulating system by Schwank can be flexible in adjusting its output. As a result, the actual and target temperature lie significantly closer to each other and temperature fluctuations are prevented.

Benefits of full modulating systems:

● The adaptation of fuel and combustion air to the actual heat requirement increases the overall energy efficiency.

● The life time of infrared gas heaters is significantly extended due to the reduced number of switching cycles.

● Since there is no need to restart the system, “purging” with air is not required. This can avoid unnecessary heat losses and saves energy.

● The lower exhaust gas temperature leads to a lower exhaust gas speed, whereby there is more time to dissipate heat from the hot gas to the device.

●     Owing to the reduced cycles, the formation of non-combusted pollutants that arise during the start-up can be reduced.


Schwank Luminous Heaters Information

For end users, installers and engineers

All you need to know about luminous heaters

Take a look at some interesting details about the economical infrared technology used by luminois (plaque) heaters.

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