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As a globally active family-owned enterprise with a long tradition, we see ourselves as providers of customised comprehensive solutions for heating and cooling systems for industry, commerce and logistics.

We are one of the leading companies in our business. We aspire to develop solutions, which offer our customers the highest degree of efficiency and quality. In order to ensure this, we plan and implement heating and cooling systems that correspond to the individual requirements on site.

Advantages of Schwank heating and cooling systems at a glance

  • As a system provider, we offer customised heating and cooling solutions right from on-site consultation through to project analysis right down to turnkey handover.
  • Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, our products offer maximum efficiency and quality.
  • Being a German family-owned enterprise, we strongly emphasise reliability and continuity.
  • Our highly-efficient products and solutions offer a quick Return on Investment. You can thus conserve energy efficiently and go easy on your wallet.

Schwank products overview

Hall heating and climate systems for industry, trade and logistics

Tube heaters

Multi-talents in the field of industrial buildings heating

The Schwank dark tube heater solutions focus on efficiency, comfort and reliability. Every heating system that we plan for our customers is adapted to the individual conditions on site.

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Luminous heaters

The most powerful heating system

The infrared bright radiant heating technology was invented at Schwank – you can still see it today. Because Schwank light emitting heating solutions are characterised by the best efficiency and exhaust gas values. Seasonal energy efficiency values (ErP) of over 99% speak for an outstanding technology.

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Condensing technology & heat recovery

The turbo for infrared devices

Schwank condensing and heat recovery solutions help hall heating systems to become even more efficient. They can be implemented for almost all fields of application and are planned and designed individually for each customer.

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Gas heat pumps

Hall heating and cooling with one system

Gas heat pumps from Schwank can heat and cool efficiently – and both at the same time. They combine the highly efficient energy source of gas with the use of free environmental heat. Economy is a feature. Gas heat pumps from Schwank ensure the right temperature in both winter and summer.

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Warm air units & Air curtains

Heating as a complete solution

In addition to highly efficient warm air heaters, the SchwankAir product family also includes door air curtains. This is a useful addition to Schwank’s heating and cooling solutions to prevent unwanted air changes.

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Air Handling Units

Ventilation Technology by Schwank

They can ventilate and be placed locally or centrally on the roof or installed inside a building. Schwank’s air handling units are convincing through their high quality and countless possibilities.

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Big Ceiling Fans

High Volume Low Speed

We have called our big ceiling fans for industry “MonsterFans”. Because they do a monster job: HVLS fans (HVLS = High Volume Low Speed) move large volumes of air at very low speeds per minute. This creates a cool breeze in summer and in winter you save costs for the heating system.

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