The Warranty Promise by Schwank

15 Years Guarantee on Your Heating and Climate System. Secure Your Offer Now!

Guarantee for Hall Heaters from Schwank

15 Years Warranty with Premium GaraPlus

With our full-service package Premium GaraPlus you can enjoy the highest priority. We ensure that your system is serviced regularly and that its fullyfunctional operation is guaranteed. We also extend your warranty up to 15 years.

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Our Guarantee Promise

Schwank Offers a 15 Year Warranty on Hall Heaters

Ensuring Operation

Regular maintenance helps your energy-efficient heating system to operate safely and reliably. This prevents unexpected failures in winter and any cost-intensive consequential damage.

Extend Warranty

As soon as you decide in favour of PREMIUM GARA PLUS, we extend your warranty claims, i.e. you no longer have to worry about anything – this is simply an “all-round care-free package”.

Minimise Administrative Effort

We take care of the planning to adhere to maintenance schedules and service intervals as well as the deployment of service technicians – punctually and reliably.

Benefit from our Experience

No one has more experience and know-how with Schwank energy-efficient heating than our trained service technicians.

Our services are provided in accordance with the latest legal regulations and standards. If there are legal changes, we can implement them immediately.

Use VIP Status

When you adopt PREMIUM GARA PLUS, your requests will be treated with the highest priority. That’s what we promise.

Reduce Operating Costs

Almost all failures are indicated by symptoms that appear beforehand. Early detection of wear and tear prevents costly repairs and downtimes.

Making Costs Predictable

Due to the maintenance flat rate, there are no unexpected costs for service and maintenance. The costs can be calculated and the budget planned.

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