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Efficient & qualitative industrial heating systems from Schwank

Industrially and commercially used buildings present an entire series of challenges before a heating system can be installed. These need to be taken into consideration in the planning and implementation stages as well as in the maintenance throughout the complete life cycle of the system. Our gas fired industrial heating solutions have considered these obstacles. Dirt, dust and even spray water can wear out the materials used in industrial space heating systems. Alternating set-ups and open gates must be taken into account and sensitive machines must be protected. But even the shift systems and alternating usage plans entail challenges, which the heating system must encounter and overcome in order to contribute actively to the energy saving and to the comfort in the facility.

The heating of industrial buildings is crucial for productivity levels to remain high. We work with our clients to not only provide them with a system which does this, but is also the most cost effective and energy efficient system for them. Our team are fully committed to helping you.

Schwank engineers are experts in customising our systems and solutions to suit the individual factors on site perfectly. We provide support for our customers during the entire life cycle of their gas fired industrial heating system, beginning from the first inspection on site right through to the after-sales service with up to 15 years of warranty.

Schwank cooling and heating systems

Gas heat pumps, condensing technology and radiant heaters for industry & trade

The most important advantages of an industrial heater from Schwank:

  • Highest efficiency: Radiant heaters in industry and trade heat only where it is necessary [compared to conventional warm air heaters]. This saves energy and thus costs.
  • Speed: If a shift starts in an industrial hall, heat is needed immediately. The powerful industrial heaters with infrared heat up within a few minutes.
  • Zone heating: The infrared radiation of the industrial heating heats the surfaces – not the air in the hall. Thus, individual zones [workplaces, assembly lines etc.] in the hall can be heated.
  • No dust turbulence: Dust and dirt are often generated, especially in production. Without warm air calculation, dust is not stirred up in the hall. Especially in production this is an important advantage.

Schwank Services for industrial & commercial halls

Industrial heating as a complete package

  • full service from design planning, construction management, assembly to maintenance
  • at least 10 years spare parts security
  • predictive maintenance 4.0 possible [predictive maintenance]
  • clarification of official approvals
  • user instruction
  • neutral heating cost comparison
  • detailed plant documentation for each project
  • comprehensible installation and operating instructions for all devices

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Schwank heating in use

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