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We take a holistic view of the building and support you in designing the most economical ventilation system. Ductless solution, compact design, and simple installation, saving time and cost during the installation process are significant benefits. The use of several decentralised compact systems on the roof supplies fresh air and ensures thermal comfort without complicated installation of ventilation ducts. Those air handling units offer many application possibilities: offices, public and industrial facilities, shopping malls, etc. All AHU variants have the same robust and extremely durable housing construction.

Clever details such as the integrated roof base reduce planning and installation effort and thus eliminates complications. We only use high-quality and efficient brand components (Siemens, Klingenburg, Ziehl-Abegg – “Made in Germany”) in the air handling unit. The integrated control system ensures that it is operated as required. The result is reliable operation and low operating costs.

Schwank products and solutions

High quality ventilation technology – decentralised air handling units

aeroSchwank C4

Air Handling Units

The compact rooftop aeroSchwank C4 offers a comprehensive solution for air handling needs, providing cooling, heating, and ventilation with heat…

aeroSchwank C8

Air Handling Units

The aeroSchwank C8 is a compact, ductless unit that guarantees both heating and ventilation with heat recovery. What’s more, it…

aeroSchwank air handling units – Controls

What’s special about Schwank compact, ductless air handling units?

Each unit is pre-equipped with an advanced Siemens Climatix control unit. Proprietary algorithms and operating modes guarantee comfort with minimal energy consumption. Intuitive controls combined with enhanced communication options allow the system to be tailored to individual needs.

Available as an option.

T-box function:

  • Integration of rooftop units into the Schwank system,
  • Up to 31 different devices to be connected.
  • Ability to read and set operating modes and parameters.
  • Colour display with touch screen.

Communication and BMS

  • External communication using protocols Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, BAC net.
  • Option to purchase remote access:
  • Built-in module for wireless communication.
  • Access to setup and readout of operating parameters.
  • Access via web browser from anywhere in the world.

Decentralised ductless air handling units

Ventilation Technology

Benefits of Decentralised Ventilation Technology:

In a decentralised set-up of ductless air handling systems, several compact units are arranged on the roof of the building. Simple installation (power supply and a simple roof penetration) saves time and investment costs. aeroSchwank C4 and C8 with their wide mounting options make many applications possible: shopping malls, distribution centres, public and industrial facilities, or any large spaces.

They supply fresh air and thermal comfort without the need of complicated ventilation ducts. This has a lot of benefits:

  • A reduction in pressure losses saves energy costs.
  • No cleaning of ducts.
  • Fewer collisions with other components in the building.
  • Lower planning efforts save investment costs.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Zone controls are easy to implement.
  • High redundancy: in the event of failure of the system, the other systems continue to operate.



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Efficient and Cost Saving Ventilation Technology

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  • Air Handling Units/Rooftops – Brochure

    A decentralised systems is defined by placing several smaller units on the roof of the building opposed to a central system where only one unit supplies the whole building.

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The European Patent Office has now officially granted the patent for the first industrial hydrogen heater, geniumSchwank

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This heater is not only the first of its kind worldwide, but the technology is considered so unique that it has been protected by the patent office.

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In its 90 years of existence, Schwank has transformed itself into a global leader in industrial heating and expert of ventilation and cooling solutions. The company is now focused on energy transformation so hydrogen and electric heating are becoming its primary focus. As of this year, it offers the first 100% hydrogen heater and is pioneer of being a major force in the transition to renewable energie.

Zwei Entwicklungsingenieure von Schwank mit dem Brenner eines Wasserstoff Dunkelstrahlers.

Breakthrough: Climate-neutral Heating with Hydrogen Operated Schwank Tube Heaters


For years, the manufacturers of infrared heaters have been advertising the modernity and future viability of their technology. Now the industry, and above all the Schwank company, has set a groundbreaking milestone with the development of its first 100% hydrogen-compatible tube heating system.

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