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Comfortable sports hall heating

Experience has shown that conventional sports hall heating systems have some system-related disadvantages: For example, they move large amounts of air, are sometimes very loud and form warm air cushions under the ceiling in high halls. These warm air cushions waste energy and thus cause high – unnecessary – energy costs.

With Schwank infrared large space heating systems for sport venues, energy costs can be saved. Because radiant heaters can be used to heat exactly those areas in a sports hall that are actually in use at that moment. And it gets even better: Due to the more pleasant interior climate created by a sports hall heating system with infrared radiant heaters, the temperature can be regulated to lower levels.

Benefits of heating for sports

Advantages of the Schwank large space heating systems for sports venues

Schwank infrared heaters are suitable for all types of sports halls. They are particularly popular as heaters in tennis halls. This is mainly due to the following facts:

Quick heating times

Shortly after switching on the sports hall heating devices, a clear sensation of heat is noticeable. Due to the immediate readiness for operation of an infrared radiant heating system, long heat up times are no longer necessary. This minimises the energy requirement for sports and leisure building heating and therefore the energy costs.

More comfort

The heat from gas infrared heaters is transferred in the form of electromagnetic waves. They travel through the air without heating it. The heat from the radiant sports hall heating system is therefore provided to players, the audience and at the floor level. The area beneath the building roof remains cool. This saves energy and enhances comfort.

Cost benefits

  • Low investment costs for sports and leisure building heating
  • No heat accumulation beneath the roof
  • Lower air temperature with greater comfort
  • Heating of a playing field possible
  • Quick heating
  • Low and predictable servicing costs for sports hall heating thanks to the Schwank warranty

Needless to say, useful accessories such as ball protection grilles etc. are always available for integrating into a Schwank large space heating system in sports venues.

Pictures of completed installations in sports facilities

Schwank heating in use

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