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Your Guide to Find the Ideal Heating System for Your Industrial Building or Distribution Centre.

Hallenheizung für Industrie, Gewerbe und Logistik von Schwank.

An industrial heating system must be individually adapted to the conditions of the building in industry, commerce or logistics. Which system is used has a particular influence on how many costs can be saved through efficiency and how the emissions turn out. Here we present all the devices and systems that are suitable for industrial heating – from tube heaters to warm air heaters – and compare their advantages and disadvantages. You will find all aspects that need to be considered when planning an industrial heating system.

The Schwank condensing technology of the tetraSchwank range on a Schwank tube heater.
Graphic showing the principle of the condensing technology tetraSchwank.

Heating commercial buildings

Commercial spaces such as factory floors, workshops and warehouses require efficient and effective heating to make sure that staff and…

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Infrared gas heaters are used in football stadiums.

The purpose of outdoor infrared heaters

Outdoor infrared heaters can be used to reshape and utilise the outdoor spaces of restaurants, pubs and other hospitality venues…

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A Schwank chiller for cooling buildings in industry and trade

The need for the cooling of industrial buildings

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recorded significant rises in temperature over the first quarter of 2022. The…

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Schwank's tube heaters are connected to the hybridSchwank hydro condensing system.

There’s no need to waste energy

An early post on Schwank’s ErP Compliance blog observed that “One example of EU legislation that achieves almost universal acceptance…

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Why heating with tube heaters is so energy-efficient?

Basically, tube heaters can be used almost anywhere where the ceiling height is over 4 metres. However, they are mainly…

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Zwei Hellstrahler als Hallenheizung in einer hohen Hallle.

What are the requirements for industrial heating?

The claim that a heating system "only" has to provide good heating no longer applies. The requirements for a heating…

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Eine Hallenheizung mti Dunkelstrahlern in einer Logistikhalle.

What’s The Best Warehouse Heating?

Planners and builders of warehouses and logistics centers must consider a number of factors when deciding on the appropriate heating…

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Ein Dunkelstrahler als Hallenheizung im Maschinenbau.

Which System Is Best Suited as Industrial Heating?

Buildings in industry, commerce and logistics place special demands on an industrial heating system due to their dimensions and user…

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