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geniumSchwank is a milestone in the development of efficient industrial heaters. It is the world’s only industrial heater that uses 100 % hydrogen as standard across the entire series in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.

You don’t have hydrogen yet? No problem!

You can first run geniumSchwank on natural gas (or LPG) and when hydrogen is available, we can convert the burner to 100% hydrogen for you in just a few simple steps. This makes geniumSchwank THE industrial heating system of the future and gives you absolute planning security when purchasing a new Schwank heating system.


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A climate-neutral and environmentally friendly, future-proof, unique multi-gas infrared tube heater with maximum efficiency.


  • 99.0% Seasonal energy efficiency*
  • 83.4% Radiation factor*
  • 96.3% thermal efficiency and thus up to 50% less exhaust gas losses (in relation to the calorific value Hi)
  • 72% lower power consumption on average
  • Fully modulating for ideal power setting to seasonal heat demand

(*measured according to DIN EN 416 at DVGW test laboratory )

Added value:

  • 100% hydrogen capable
  • Hybrid capable: can be operated as natural gas/liquid gas in the transition period
  • On-board diagnostics function for optimised maintenance & servicing
  • Predictive Maintenance = max. plant availability
  • ModBus compatible
  • 15 years warranty on the gas infrared industrial heater (Up to 15 years warranty on the gas infrared industrial heater)
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Quality “Made in Germany“
  • The sophisticated design with lengths from 4.9 to 13.9 metres and the available power classes between 21 and 61 kW


  • CO₂-free and low NOx emissions
  • Sustainable construction
  • Minimised switching cycles for longer product lifetime
  • Universal use of 100 % hydrogen, natural gas or liquid gas

Product details

The most advanced multi-gas industrial heater functionality

Patented free jet burner and afterburner system

Hydrogen tube heater with electronic gas-air compound

In developing the geniumSchwank, Schwank engineers achieved a technological breakthrough that is completely unique in the field of gas infrared tube heaters. The patented, highly efficient bluTek burner, the innovative afterburner system, the geometrically optimised reflector properties, and an intelligent control system have been combined. This has resulted in a gas infrared dark radiator that is unparalleled in terms of efficiency, user-friendliness and environmental protection and is the only climate-neutral device of its kind in the world.
geniumSchwank is the only infrared heater in the world that enables the universal use of 100% hydrogen, natural gas or liquid gas. The multi-gas industrial heater can be adapted to the new conditions in just a few steps.

In terms of industrial heater operation, it is the afterburner system that makes the difference:

  • Low NOx burner: pollutant emissions of less than 50 mg/kWh far below the legal limit (currently 200 mg/kW)
  • Cooled combustion (hardly any thermal NOx
  • Gas and air always in optimal ratio due to electronic interconnection
  • Large modulation range possible between 40-100% (adaptation to actual heating load, which leads to significant comfort improvements and saves a lot of energy)
  • Constant efficiency over the entire modulation range
  • Controllable up to the calorific value range



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The unique multigas infrared tube heater with 99.0% seasonal energy efficiency

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