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As a globally active family-owned enterprise, we see ourselves as providers of customised comprehensive solutions for commercial and industrial energy- efficient heating and cooling systems. With more than 2 million installed devices in over 40 countries, we are the global leader in this sector and foster a more than 80-year-old company tradition. We place the highest value on efficiency and sustainability.

In order to ensure this, we plan and implement complete solutions that do complete justice to the individual requirements of our customers. These include medium-sized enterprises as well as internationally renowned companies.

Our aims: Operate economically, fulfil customer requirements and deliver the best quality.

Schwank products and solutions

Heating systems for industry, trade and logistics

Tube heater systems

Multi-talents in the field of industrial buildings heating

The Schwank dark tube heater solutions focus on efficiency, comfort and reliability. Every heating system that we plan for our customers is adapted to the individual conditions on site.

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Luminous heater systems

The most powerful heating system

The infrared bright radiator technology was invented at Schwank – you can still see it today. Because Schwank luminous heaters are characterised by the best efficiency and exhaust gas values. Seasonal energy efficiency values [ErP] of over 99% speak for an outstanding technology.

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Condensing technology & heat recovery

The turbo for infrared devices

Schwank condensing and heat recovery solutions help hall heating systems to become even more efficient. They can be implemented for almost all fields of application and are planned and designed individually for each customer.

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Gas heat pumps

Top quality heat pumps

Gas heat pumps from Schwank can heat and cool efficiently – and both at the same time. They combine the highly efficient energy source gas with the use of free environmental heat. Economy included. Gas heat pumps from Schwank ensure the right temperature in both winter and summer.

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Warm air units & Air curtains

Efficient heating systems

In addition to highly efficient warm air heaters, the SchwankAir product family also includes door air curtains. A useful addition to Schwank’s heating and cooling solutions to prevent unwanted air changes.

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Air Handling Units

Ventilation Technology by Schwank

Schwank can not only heat and cool – but also ventilate. High technology AHUs are suitable for both decentralised and centralised ventilation of industrial buildings. The compact air handling units feature highly efficient countercurrent heat exchangers, fans with EC technology and a durable housing. They are suitable for installation on the roof [with integrated roof base] or for indoor installation.

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Big Ceiling Fans

Cool in summer, cost savings in winter

Some call them big ceiling fans, some call them HVLS fans. We simply call them “MonsterFans”. And for a good reason: they do a monster job. Our extra-large ceiling fans move enormous volumes of air, at very low speeds (usually between 10-95 RPM). This is where the name HVLS comes from, which stands for “High Volume, Low Speed”. Basically a simple principle – but ingenious.

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Individually planned hall heating systems

Industry & Trade

Heating systems on a grand scale

Industrial and commercial buildings pose a whole series of challenges to a heating system, which must be taken into account during the planning, implementation and maintenance phases. Dirt, dust or water can contaminate the material over its entire life cycle.

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Logistics halls

Heating solutions for special requirements

Logistics halls place numerous demands on a heating system due to their usage profile, such as frequently opened doors, high storage shelves or different work areas. There are applications where a part of the stored goods requires only a minimum of heat, but heating is still unavoidable, especially in the storage and retrieval process and in the “man to goods” logistics concept.

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Efficient large capacity heating systems

Schwank hall heating systems have long been established in workshops, car dealerships, car washes, accessory stores and showrooms/sales rooms. In contrast to conventional heating systems, this form of workshop heating offers decisive advantages: Energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional systems, virtually noiseless operation and no dust turbulence.

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Cost savings through the right heating solution

Experience has shown that conventional air heating systems in sports halls have some system-related disadvantages. For example, they move large amounts of air, are sometimes very loud and form a cushion of warm air under the ceiling in high halls. In addition, there are high energy costs as the systems heat less efficiently and no zone heating is possible. This means that the entire hall must always be heated even though only one field is actively used.

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Patios & Outdoor Areas

Comfort through infrared heaters

On many terraces of restaurants, cafés and beer gardens they already belong to the usual picture: terrace heaters or terrace radiators. Decisive for a high-turnover outdoor gastronomy is the occupancy over a maximum period of time within one year.

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Quality | Reliability | Efficiency

The benefits of the Schwank brand at a glance

“Made in Germany” quality

The most sustainable heating systems

Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, our products offer maximum efficiency and quality. We develop and manufacture our products and solutions in Germany. We therefore achieve the best foundation in order to guarantee the highest quality, reliability and efficiency. Thanks to these qualities, our energy efficient heating and cooling systems offer a quick Return on Investment and save effective energy and, subsequently, costs. Moreover, they actively conserve the environment.

Up to 15 years warranty

Completely care free

With our Premium full-service package you enjoy the highest priority. We ensure that your system is serviced regularly and that the operation is guaranteed. We also extend your warranty up to 10 years.


The latest at a glance

Breakthrough: Climate-neutral Heating with Hydrogen Operated Schwank Tube Heaters


For years, the manufacturers of infrared heaters have been advertising the modernity and future viability of their technology. Now the industry, and above all the Schwank company, has set a groundbreaking milestone with the development of its first 100% hydrogen-compatible tube heating system.

Energy efficiency is vital for reaching net zero

Energy Efficiency is Vital for Reaching Net Zero


A post on the EURACTIV website has included a statement by Paula Pinho from the European Commission’s Energy Directorate, which read as follows: “We believe that, first and foremost, we need to continue to apply the energy efficiency first principle, ensuring that really we make the most out of our limited resources.”

The deltaSchwank is a tube heater from Schwank.

Schwank is Global Market Leader for Infrared Tube Heaters

Awards, News

A recently published market research report by "Industry Research" confirms the Schwank Group as the global market leader in the field of infrared tube heaters.

Oliver Schwank hält mehrere Exemplare des Lexikons der deutschen Familienunternehmen.

Schwank in the Encyclopaedia of German Family Businesses

Awards, Company, News

Schwank in the Encyclopaedia of German Family Businesses

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