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Whether Stadium Heating or Climate Systems for Sports Facilities – We Always Have the Right Solution for the Air Conditioning & Sports Hall Heating.

Energy costs can be saved with Schwank sports hall heaters. This is because infrared heaters can be used to heat precisely those areas in sports halls that are actually being used at that moment. On hot summer days, the athletes can be offered more comfort with Schwank climate systems such as gas heat pumps or chillers.

Schwank infrared gas heaters are able to keep football fans warm inside stadiums during the winter months. The heating capacity provided is far greater than an electric heater and the operating costs are substantially lower. Our stadium heaters ensure immediate and effective heat omission and we have been developing the technology for over 85 years.

Heating for Indoor Tennis Courts

The Advantages of Sports Hall Heating with Infrared

Schwank heating systems are particularly popular in indoor tennis courts. This is mainly due to:

  • Fast heat-up times & cost savings: Shortly after switching on the equipment, the heat can be felt by the tennis player. This fast operational readiness of the heating in the tennis hall eliminates long heating-up phases. This minimises energy costs.
  • Complete package: Schwank offers useful accessories for the sports hall heaters, such as ball guards, coin machines or similar.

Stadium Heating

Real Madrid and Chelsea FC Rely on Schwank in Winter

Did you know that Schwank has heated many of the world’s famous football stadiums? Among them Chelsea FC, the stadium of Real Madrid, Fenerbahce Istanbul and AC Sparta Prague.

In cold months, the game can literally become a shivering match for spectators. Stadium Heating by Schwank raise the sensation temperature in the stands by 10 K. In contrast to electric radiant heaters, infrared heaters can cover long distances (55 m at Real Madrid).

Realised Stadium Heating Systems from Schwank

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Much Experience with Heating- and Climate Systems in Sports Facilities

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Schwank Heating in Use

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