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Who doesn’t like to sit outside? To make this possible all year round, Schwank engineers have developed outdoor heating solutions with infrared and established themselves as a leading manufacturer in the patio heater sector. With Schwank infrared patio heaters, restaurateurs can make full use of their capacities even in the cold seasons. This is not only comfortable for the guests, but also for the staff, as no gas bottles are necessary and the patio heaters are mounted on walls or ceilings.

Our outdoor heating solutions provide:

  • Modern alfresco dining opportunities
  • Durability and efficiency
  • An elegant appearance

Schwank Heating Systems for Patios and Outdoor Areas

Well designed and economical

Product picture of the terrace heater lunaSchwank from Schwank.


Heating Solutions

The lunaSchwank terrace heater is not only attractive but also technically mature. Developed for sophisticated patio and gastronomy concepts, these…

Product picture of the terrasSchwank tarrace heater by Schwank.


Heating Solutions

The terrasSchwank is a terrace heater that specifically meets the requirements of the hospitality sector in terms of fast payback…

Pictures of Completed Installations in Patios & Outdoor AreaI

Schwank heating in use

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