Workshop Heating & Showroom Climate Systems

Find the Right Workshop Heating System As Well As Air Conditioning for Showrooms and Car Dealerships.

Schwank heating and air-conditioning systems have established themselves in workshops, car dealerships, car washes and showrooms/sales rooms. Efficient systems can save energy and thus costs. Large glass fronts sometimes cause uncomfortably high temperatures in showrooms for both customers and employees. Schwank climate systems ensure pleasant temperatures and a feel-good climate at low operating costs.

In contrast to conventional heating systems, Schwank’s workshop heating also offers decisive advantages:

Efficiency: Workshop heating saves up to 50% energy compared to conventional systems.

No dust swirls: The annoying cleaning and polishing of exhibits in showrooms is significantly reduced. Dust and dirt are not swirled around in workshops.

Space saving: The workshop heaters are mounted on the ceilings. This leaves precious space on the walls and floor free as floor space or for the placement of tools.

High comfort: Even with increased air exchange due to frequently opening doors, thermal comfort is maintained by the workshop heating.

Speed: Schwank’s workshop heating can be switched on and off like the light.

Case Studies

Much Experience with Heating- and Climate Systems in Workshops & Showrooms

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The Solution for Wash Halls

Infrared Heating As Frost Protection

With its specially developed tube heaters for car washes, Schwank offers a real solution that is suitable for damp rooms and car washes. These infrared radiators offer the following advantages:

  • Keeping the system frost-free is guaranteed – avoid operating failures in winter.
  • Special splash water protection (protection class IP 55) of the burner unit: protection against direct water jet.

Pictures of Completed Installations in Workshops & Showrooms

Schwank Heating in Use

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