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The new GE3 series of heat pumps has the best seasonal energy efficiency values. This product fulfils the requirements of commercial applications through functions such as water heating with preference to hot water in the heating operation or the integration of a cooling agent collecting station.

  • Water heating in cooling and heating operation
  • Hot water priority circuit
  • Modular multi-systems with combinations between 45 and 170 kW [16 and 60 PS]
  • Improvement of the SEER by 20% as well as of the SCOP by 10%
  • Connection ration of 50 – 200%
  • Large strand length: 200 m
  • Optional integration of a cooling agent collecting station
  • Regulation by building management system [CZ-CAPBC2 necessary]
  • High thermal conductivity heat pumps due to Blue-Fin coating of the heat exchanger
  • Long maintenance intervals: 10,000 operating hours [3.2 years]
  • Optionally with direct evaporation [DX] or cold water for indoor units
In this section you will find product brochures, technical information and press articles about Schwank gas heat pumps.
Gas heat pump – Brochure
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Gaswärmepumpe – Planungshandbuch
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Application reports


The year round requirements for the new heating and cooling system require 18 ° C to 25 ° C and a relative humidity of less than 60%. In addition to the heating system already installed, a further system should ensure cooling in the summer as well as maintaining the humidity.

The 2.000 m² should be kept at max. 25°C in summer, in winter the hall should be warmed up to 18°C with the same system. The conversion of the heating and cooling system had to be carried out during running operations.