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At present, the devices of the ECO G GF3 series are the only 3-pipe gas heat pumps in Europe and offer practical functions and powerful performance, thanks to their simultaneous heating and cooling operation. These heat pumps are available with a performance of 45 to 71 kW. Panasonic thus offers the biggest range and flexibility even in the case of problematic power supplies or difficult conditions at the installation site.

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Gas-powered heat pumps for heating & cooling


  • Flexible control features through simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Low gas consumption with these gas heat pumps due to Miller cycle motor
  • Connection ratio 50 to 200%
  • Maximum permissible strand length of 145 m
  • Low energy consumption due to DC motors
  • High partial load efficiency
  • Up to 24 indoor units can be connected
  • Total line lengths up to 780 m
  • Reduction of the sound level by further 2 dB[A] in silent operation
  • Optional use of LPG as a drive source for these gas heat pumps


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Heating and cooling simultaneously with gas-powered heat pumps

The ECO G GF3 series of heat pumps scores highly on performance. This is because the 3-pipe system of the gas-powered heat pump is the only one in Europe to date and has numerous practice-oriented functions.

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