Air-water heat pumps

Air-water heat pumps

Climate Systems, Electric heat pumps

Electric air-water heat pumps can be used in monobloc or split design. Buffer storage tanks are used to ensure economical and long-lasting operation as well as good control behavior in heating and, if necessary, cooling mode. The number and size of these, as well as the choice of heat distributor, are designed specifically for the project on the basis of the future usage profile.

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Electric air-water heat pumps as hall air conditioning or heating system

Application area:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • New construction and renovation
  • Capacities from 6 – 400 kW, can be modular design possible
  • Higher flow temperatures up to 55 °C also possible

Consumer / heat distribution:

  • Static radiators / radiators
  • Underfloor/industrial panel heating
  • Concrete core activation
  • Ceiling radiant panels
  • Air handling units
  • Hot air heaters / fan coil units


  • Low investment costs compared to brine-to-water heat pump
  • Low space requirement inside and outside the building
  • Environmentally friendly (especially when using green electricity)
  • Easy implementation of corporate climate targets with the future-proof refrigerant R32 or the natural refrigerant R290
  • Replacement for a fossil fuel boiler by connection to the water-borne heating system
  • Low amount of refrigerant due to a water-based distribution system
  • Cooling mode can be implemented with little additional effort (depending on the heat distribution system)


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Electric Air-Water Heat Pump for Commercial Applications

Electric heat pumps can act as an efficient hall heating system or as a functioning hall climate system.

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