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tetraSchwank is a modern solution that combines heat recovery, condensing technology, efficient Schwank tube heaters as well as intelligent regulation to a heating system with up to 110% efficiency. These four [tetra] components make the heat recovery system by Schwank worthwhile for operators. tetraSchwank uses hitherto unused thermal energy from the exhaust gas and directly supplies it back to the room. Even fresh air from the outside can be optionally introduced. This reduces the operating costs and enhances the air quality.

The objective of the Schwank developers is to create a cost-effective heat recovery system, which can feed the waste heat from our tube heaters directly back to the building without intermediate storage and medium.

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Condensing technology made simple


  • Use of condensing technology
  • Improving the performance of the heating system to up to 110% [with respect to NCV]
  • Use of free waste heat to create a most efficient heating system


  • Direct heat without intermediate storage
  • Controlled and pre-heated fresh air supply
  • Easy installation

Product details

Heat recovery with condensing boiler technology

How condensing boiler technology works

Heat recovery: Free energy from the exhaust

The tetraSchwank heat recovery system is integrated into the exhaust gas system of the Schwank tube heaters. With a maximum connected load of 40 kW, it recovers the thermal energy included in the exhaust gas in the counter-current process and directly feeds it back to the building. In terms of fresh air requirement, tetraSchwank can supply and pre-heat outdoor air.

In combination with Schwank tube heaters, tetraSchwank recovers unused waste heat and directly makes it usable without an intermediate medium and storage.

tetraSchwank is therefore the number one choice for the most efficient heating system for buildings of low and medium height when it comes to lowering operating costs and amortises within the shortest possible time span.


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Sustainability through heat recovery

With tetraSchwank, Schwank engineers have created a condensing boiler technology that can be implemented in almost any context. All information is available here.

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