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hybridSchwank hydro

The hybridSchwank hydro heat recovery system is used for the recirculation of the exhaust gas heat from gas-infrared systems. The recovered energy can be supplied to the water circuit of secondary heating systems.

Highly efficient condensing technology

  • Efficiency enhancement of the heating system through energy recovery for the additional supply of a conventional hot water system.
  • Reduction of operating costs of connected hot water systems.
  • High-quality stainless-steel heat exchanger for energy recovery of up to 15% of the installed heat output.
  • Finned tube system with integrated exhaust gas bypass system including controllers
  • Individual planning, heat exchanger sizing and implementation for each system
  • Unrestricted compatibility with building control system [BMS]

Functioning principle

The exhaust gases arising during the combustion process are collected by this heat recovery system and supplied to a recuperative air-water heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers the heat to the water flowing past it and supplies it to a buffer storage. Water temperatures of up to 90 °C are achieved here. A specially customised regulation with a 3-way mixing valve and temperature sensors control the corresponding feed in the system. The recovered heat, which is stored in the water, is now ready for further use in the buffer storage.

With hybridSchwank hydro heat recovery system, independent rooms can therefore be heated and adjacent showers and washbasins can be operated. The space that needs to be newly heated can be up to 18% of the primary building. If necessary, the boiler system can be economised in this way.

Complete layout of the system with:

  • Feed-in regulation including a 3-way mixing valve and temperature sensors
  • Buffer storage and insulated supply and exhaust gas tubes
  • Regulation technology for heat exchanger system
  • Safety shutdown in case of overheating of the heat exchanger
In this section you will find product brochures, technical information and press articles on condensing condensing technology and heat recovery from Schwank.
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