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Hybrid heat pumps are the combination of an electrically and gas-powered heat pump – integrated into one refrigeration circuit and operated with a sophisticated control system.

The hybrid heat pump optimises the economy and efficiency of the two technologies in consideration of the respective operating conditions. The benefits of efficient heaters and efficient cooling systems are available through excellent engineering skills and the use of high quality materials.

The gas engine ensures very low power consumption. In the cooling mode up to 26 kW [water temperature up to 65 °C] can be generated and in addition the waste heat can be used – this is efficient and saves costs. The electric drive ensures a long service life and low emissions. Heating and cooling is possible with the hybrid heat pump via a water heat exchanger or a wide range of directly evaporating indoor units. This makes the hybrid heat pump versatile, e.g. in hotels, offices and industrial applications.

Benefits of the Schwank hybrid heat pumps

Two systems in one for maximum efficiency

The most important benefits of hybrid heat pumps:

  • 4 adjustable operating modes [cost-optimised mode, efficiency-optimised mode, GHP priority mode, EHP priority mode]
  • Heat extraction with 26.2 kW [water temperature up to 65 °C] through heat recovery of the engine waste heat
  • Easy installation due to common refrigeration circuit of GHP and EHP
  • Ability to act as an efficient heater for domestic hot water in combination with water heat exchangers
  • Up to 48 indoor units can be connected
  • Can be combined with water heat exchanger [WHE]

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Energy efficiency is vital for reaching net zero

Energy Efficiency is Vital for Reaching Net Zero


A post on the EURACTIV website has included a statement by Paula Pinho from the European Commission’s Energy Directorate, which read as follows: “We believe that, first and foremost, we need to continue to apply the energy efficiency first principle, ensuring that really we make the most out of our limited resources.”

The deltaSchwank is a tube heater from Schwank.

Schwank is Global Market Leader for Infrared Tube Heaters

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A recently published market research report by "Industry Research" confirms the Schwank Group as the global market leader in the field of infrared tube heaters.

Oliver Schwank hält mehrere Exemplare des Lexikons der deutschen Familienunternehmen.

Schwank in the Encyclopaedia of German Family Businesses

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Schwank in the Encyclopaedia of German Family Businesses

The deltaSchwank tube heater can help protect against the spread of Covid-19 infection.

Infrared heaters can protect against Covid-19


Studies show that infrared heating could protect against the spread of Covid-19 infection The use of infrared heaters in factories and working environments could have a health & safety benefit…

Hybrid Heat Pumps

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