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Longer lasting outdoor season with terrace heaters

Who doesn’t like to sit outside? To make that possible all year round, Schwank engineers have developed highly efficient terrace heaters with infrared. The radiant outdoor patio heaters for terraces and other outdoor areas can be mounted on walls or ceilings to save space and provide evenly distributed heat.

For restaurateurs, Schwank’s outdoor patio heaters offer great added value. This is because heating on the patio ensure that guests stay longer and thus consume more. Even on cool autumn and spring days or even in winter, the outdoor areas can be used thanks to the Schwank terrace heaters. Thus, the investment in a patio heating system pays for itself after just one or two heating periods. Schwank patio heaters provide summer flair on 365 days. Our outdoor gas heaters enhance customer enjoyment in all types of hospitality venue.

Advantages of Schwank outdoor gas heaters

Radiant heaters for terraces as added value for restaurateurs

  • Permanent use of the outdoor area, even on colder days
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Outdoor patio heaters can increase sales revenues thanks to a growing capacity utilisation
  • Schwank gas patio heaters offer “Made in Germany” quality

Advantages of Schwank outdoor gas heaters

Radiant heater for terraces in best quality

Our radiant heaters for terraces and other outdoor areas convince by the following points compared to conventional outdoor patio heaters:

  • No troublesome storage of heaters and exchanging propane gas cylinders
  • Space-saving wall mounted heaters or ceiling installation
  • Immediately noticeable and comfortable heat feeling with Schwank outdoor gas heaters
  • Up to 62% energy saving thanks to innovative gas infrared technology
  • No selective heat ; Schwank’s wall mounted heaters provide uniform distribution of heat across large areas
  • Wind safety [WindSecure]; the pilot flame is virtually inextinguishable in the wind
  • Schwank outdoor patio heaters offer “Made in Germany” quality

Schwank heating systems for patios and outdoor areas

Well designed and economical

Product picture of the terrace heater lunaSchwank from Schwank.


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The lunaSchwank terrace heater is not only attractive but also technically mature. Developed for sophisticated patio and gastronomy concepts, these…

Product picture of the terrasSchwank tarrace heater by Schwank.


Heating Solutions

The terrasSchwank is a terrace heater that specifically meets the requirements of the hospitality sector in terms of fast payback…

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Schwank heating in use

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