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Schwank Case Study:

Heating under the toughest conditions

Bosch-Rexroth has had the maintenance work carried out by Schwank Service right from the start

We know Schwank as being absolutely reliable. Whether it´s the heating performance or the service that is backing it up, have impressed us for the last 40 years.“

Willi Friedrich, Director-Maintenance Services, Bosch-Rexroth AG

Bosch-Rexroth is well-known for its leading-edge drives and control technologies

The Facility

Today, Bosch-Rexroth is well-known for its leading-edge drives and control technologies. Rexroth’s expertise extends to all the technologies used in electric drives and motion control including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronics. Drive and control solutions from Rexroth fill jam jars and ensure that the daily newspaper goes to print. A large number of cars, agricultural equipment, motors, gearboxes, and automotive components are manufactured using Rexroth technology. The majority of windmills are fitted with Rexroth transmission boxes, and today, 80% of construction excavators and bulldozers are built using Rexroth components. With the acquisition of the Steinschen iron foundry in 1850, Rexroth became a global corporation. Today, Rexroth Gus is the world leader in industrial and mobile hydraulics operating one of the most advanced foundries in Europe. For the last 40 years, Schwank’s luminous heaters have provided heat to the Rexroth foundry, offering comfort to ten departments covering an 82,668 square foot area.

The Job

Whether new or old, foundries are known to have unusual air and temperature conditions. While casting furnaces irradiate extreme heat, blowers extract large air volumes, or about 17,657 ft3/min per department. In addition, the building structure consists predominantly of uninsulated walls, single pane glass and very high ceilings. The casting and finishing production areas are exposed to metal dust. Whether tool, machine or heating equipment, dust sits everywhere, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Non-stop operations amid heat, dust, and air infiltration: A heating system operates here under the hardest conditions imaginable.

The Implementation

In 1970, Rexroth was looking for a heating system, which ensures the heat in the employees’ living area at all times and was resistant to the extreme room conditions. In addition, they wanted an above-average economical and low-maintenance, ie high-quality system.

Attention was drawn to Hellstrahler Schwank. In related industries and in the most prestigious steel foundries such. At ArcelorMittal, ThyssenKrupp, Salzgitter or Corus, for example, they have also proven their reliability over decades.

At that time, 42 Schwank devices were installed. As production capacity increased, so did the demand for Schwank high-performance equipment. Meanwhile, 125 devices are in use – including devices from the year 1970. Four decades of continuous operation with dirt and dust are impressive evidence that Hellstrahler permanently withstand the toughest operations.


The Conclusion

Hellstrahler belong to the most reliable, efficient and robust heaters. Dust, dirt and continuous operation do not affect the function or the device efficiency with regular maintenance. Although in the meantime dark radiators are considered alternative systems, at Rexroth one consciously sticks to the proven Schwank top devices [supraSchwank]. Thanks to their faster reaction and heating times and their generally higher cost-effectiveness, light radiators are the number one heating system for Bosch-Rexroth.

Bosch-Rexroth has had the maintenance work carried out by Schwank Service right from the start. That has paid off over the years.

Willi Friedrich, Head of Maintenance Bosch-Rexroth:


“I know of no other heating system that works so reliably and economically for four decades under these conditions. We are completely satisfied“.