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Our vision

Our vision can already be seen in our logo. It contains a sphere, which consists of two mirrored halves – a symbol for two equal parts, which together form the big whole:

Schwank & the customer.

Our biggest priority. Customer loyalty and convincing new, potential customers determine our success. It is therefore not enough to fulfil customer wishes. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations.

Product & service.

Our products and the service we offer to our customers are closely intertwined. The combination of both enables our customers to plan and implement individually developed heating and cooling systems. This forms the basis to exceed the requirements of our customers and to offer the highest level of efficiency and comfort.

Efficiency & comfort.

Efficiency is the focus of all our systems and solutions. It forms the central added value of our solutions. But we also strive to offer our customers a maximum level of comfort. Starting with a comprehensive service throughout the entire product life cycle through to sophisticated technology. Our systems are ideally adapted to the requirements of our customers.

Schwank & our employees.

The heart of our company and our greatest asset. Our employees have steered us to our current status – we are among the best in the industry. Since our employees act with the best of intentions and are constantly looking for further improvements, Schwank markets high-quality and outstanding product solutions.

Quality & longevity.

We consider ourselves to be quality leaders for industrial heating and cooling systems. Our products are sturdy, and we use high-quality materials. Furthermore, our products and solutions are excellently engineered, which is why they maintain their high level of performance over a long period of time. For our customers, this results in low life cycle costs, reduced operating costs and, above all, safety while operating their heating and cooling systems.

Innovation & tradition.

As a premium supplier in a technology-driven market, we see ourselves as an innovation leader. The high innovative strength of our company is our biggest competitive advantage. At the same time, we are a highly traditional family business. Values such as reliability, trustworthiness and hard work form the central pillars of our trade.