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The building to be heated is the focus of every project. Whether it is a new construction or a renovation, whether an industrial building or an open space – the plethora of varied requirements demands flexible solutions. Our engineering team has decades of experience in the planning and implementation of heating concepts. Based on these experiences, we are capable of catering to profiles with complex requirements. After an extensive on-site analysis and a comparison of the eligible heating technologies, we create building studies and a comparison of operating and energy costs, which illustrates the efficiency of different systems. Once the decision for one of the heating systems from concepts created by us has been made, we plan, develop and implement the entire heating system including the control technology desired by you, ensuring compatibility with the building management system that is in place or to be acquired. We are also happy to take over the electric and gas installations and hand over the turnkey system.

Building consultancy services

The building to be heated is the focus of every consultation.

Be it a new construction or a renovation – we examine thoroughly before recommending a solution to you:

  • System comparison of various heating technologies
    Each building is different and requires individual execution and planning. It is for this reason that we offer not only a heating system, but different variants involving plaque heaters, tube heaters or other HVAC products. After careful analysis, we come up with the ideal solution for you. 
  • Energy costs comparison 
    We calculate the energy costs of the suitable heating systems and conduct a comparison on your behalf. The result: The best price-to-performance ratio for you. 
  • Offer generation
    Straightforward, detailed and in line with market requirements. This is what our offers look like. 

Contracting & financing

Investments in the energy sector call for intelligent financing. Schwank will be glad to assist you with this. We develop concepts, which also take into account tax effects and other factors apart from your individual situation. During the development of these concepts, we concentrate on your individual situation. You can, in turn, profit from our experience and market knowledge. In addition to our financing services, we shall naturally be happy to also support you with all your questions regarding your heating and cooling system, your building management system requirements as well as warranty extensions and service packages.

Purchasing the heating system

The biggest advantage when purchasing capital goods is that you obtain ownership of the purchased product. Furthermore, the purchased product can be depreciated in your balance sheet, whereby the tax liability for your company is reduced. On the other hand, a purchase reduces the liquidity of your company. If the purchase is financed by the bank, the product typically remains in your books. Your tax liability is proportionately reduced as per the accrued interest of the financing.

Leasing concepts

If a capital goods such as plaque heaters or tube heaters are leased, the lessor generally retains the property of the leased product. At the end of the leasing term, the lessee gets the opportunity to acquire the leased product for its residual value. Leasing has no effect on your balance sheet, since the leased product does not become part of your assets. Only your liquidity is affected by the regular payments. The typical leasing period is between 5-10 years.


Similarly to leasing, the contractor remains the proprietor of the capital products. The contractor guarantees significant energy saving. These savings are implemented through investments in new, modern systems. The contractor finances these investments through the monthly energy savings. For the contractee, the incurring instalments are clearly lower than those of other models. The typical agreement term for contracting varies between 10 and 15 years.