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Nowhere is profitability more important than in industry and commerce. We take a holistic view of the building and support you in designing the most economical ventilation system. The use of several decentralised compact devices on the roof offers a number of important benefits, especially for industrial buildings. Compact air handling units are mostly used for office and social rooms. All air handling unit variants have the same robust and extremely durable housing construction.

Clever details such as the integrated roof base reduce planning and installation effort and thus investment costs. We only use high-quality and efficient brand components “Made in Germany” in the air handling unit. The integrated control system ensures that it is operated as required. The result is reliable operation and low operating costs.

Our Schwank air handling units

Properties of the compact devices

All Schwank ventilation technology units are characterized by:

Highly efficient counterflow heat exchanger

  • Heat recovery class H1

Fans with EC technology

  • Electrical power consumption class P1

Durable housing

  • 45 mm thick panels with very good sound insulation properties
  • 1.0 mm sheet steel, optionally aluminum or stainless steel
  • profile frame made of aluminum, optionally made of stainless steel

Heating, cooling and ventilation in one

High quality ventilation technology

aeroSchwank H-RI

aeroSchwank H-RI

Air Handling Units

Our rooftop solution for decentralised hall ventilation: In a weatherproof version and in the building, ventilation ducts can often be…

aeroSchwank H-R

aeroSchwank H-R

Air Handling Units

The aeroSchwank H-R is a universal compact air handling unit for outdoor installation – not just on the roof of…

aeroSchwank H

aeroSchwank H

Air Handling Units

The aeroSchwank H is a universal air handling unit offering efficient heating solutions and effective ventilation support for almost every…

The principle of air handling

What is special about Schwank air handling units?

The tasks of an air handling system are diverse, particularly in the area of industrial buildings and industry operations. Thre is a need for compliance with specified air temperatures and humidity, removal of heat or material loads, reduction of particles from the outside air. With all these factors required simultaneously, economical and reliable operation is of particular importance.

Counterflow plate heat exchangers do not need any moving parts and are accordingly robust. By designing for low air speeds, up to 90% of the heat can be recovered. Energy-saving motors with EC technology keep the power consumption of the supply and extract air fans low. Numerous heating and cooling register variants ensure the necessary air treatment. High quality filters clean the air efficiently. The integrated control technology ensures that all components of the air handling unit work together optimally. This means that only the energy that is absolutely necessary to achieve the specified goals is used.

Schwank - RLT-Geräte Funktionsprinzip_EN

Decentralised & central air handling units

Ventilation technology in a nutshell

Benefits of decentralised ventilation technology:

In decentralised air handling systems, several smaller units are arranged on the roof of the building. Supply and exhaust air as well as all necessary media are led into the building via the integrated base with only one roof penetration. The supply air is blown into the ceiling area or led into the lower building area, depending on the requirements and structural conditions. An air duct network can be largely or completely dispensed with. This has a lot of benefits:

  • The reduction in pressure losses saves energy costs.
  • The cleaning of the ducts is reduced or eliminated altogether.
  • There are fewer collisions with other components to consider.
  • No penetration of fire compartments inside the building.
  • The lower planning effort saves investment costs.
  • The investment and maintenance costs for the sewer network are eliminated.
  • A needs-based zone control is easy to implement.
  • High availability: in the event of maintenance, the other devices continue to run.

Central ventilation technology

Decentralised solutions are not always feasible. Schwank offers energy-efficient compact devices for indoor and outdoor installation for central air-conditioning systems.

● exchange of existing air handling units, e.g. for comprehensive renovation

● supply of social and ancillary rooms in industrial buildings

● office building

● schools and kindergartens

● hotels

● leisure facilities, e.g. gyms

● salesrooms


Schwank air handling units information

For users and planners

Efficient and cost saving ventilation technology

Find out all the exciting details about the air handling units by Schwank.

  • Air Handling Units – Brochure

    A decentralised systems is defined by placing several smaller units on the roof of the building
    opposed to a central system where only one unit supplies the whole building…

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Thanks to its leading heating technologies and outstanding product and service quality, the WirtschaftsWoche recently named the Schwank Group the “world market leader”.


Success at TOP 100: Schwank belongs to the innovation leaders 2018

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For the 25th time, the TOP 100 competition chooses the most innovative firms amongst German medium-sized enterprises. Schwank GmbH is one of these innovation firms this year.

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Our highly-efficient tube heater deltaSchwank has convinced another jury. This time because of its special design.

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ErP 2018

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Since 1st January 2018, the ErP Directive has applied to space heating systems for buildings such as luminous (plaque) and tube heaters. SCHWANK manufactures the most efficient heating systems that achieve excellent values in this category. Learn more about the requirements of the new Ecodesign Directive below.

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