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SchwankAir warm air units are directly-fired gas warm air units that have repeatedly proven themselves for industrial space heating applications over the course of a number of years, thanks to their efficient burner technology. These heating units are particularly used for large space heating in buildings with low ceilings, narrow spaces and in buildings with high requirements for ventilation.

If just the basic heating in a hall is the main priority, then warm air units with quiet axial fans are best suited. For air renewal, on the other hand, warm air heaters with radial fans and duct systems creating a uniform distribution are the best choice.

Schwank engineers design each system of heating units individually. This is done to provide the most efficient system in each environment. For instance, in complex halls with office facilities, several floors or separate hall sections, a combination of classical Schwank infrared systems and Schwank warm air units can be an excellent option.

Schwank will offer its customers an extensive on-site analysis of their premises and undertake a comparison of the eligible heating technologies. This enables us to create building studies and a comparison of operating and energy costs, illustrating the efficiency of different types of heating system appropriate for any given application.

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Heating Solutions

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Heating Solutions

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Heating Solutions

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Benefits of the warm air units

Added value of the efficient SchwankAir warm air units

Benefits of Schwank warm air heating units for large space heating applications:

  • Compact design
  • Built-in exhaust gas and combustion air fans
  • Atmospheric multi-gas burner, encapsulated on the combustion side towards the installation room with combustion air intake from outside
  • Use as simple ambient air unit, as ducted unit for the fresh air supply or as central roof system

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Energy Efficiency is Vital for Reaching Net Zero


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