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In several industrial, trade and logistics facilities, the mere heating of the building no longer plays a role. Due to growing demands of increasingly complex products, but also for reasons of the staff’s comfort, the cooling of the facility is becoming crucial as well. Also here, Schwank, the expert for the heating and cooling of commercially used buildings, offers solutions orientated to suit individual requirements on site and are specially customised for the specific challenges of industry, commerce and logistics.

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Gas heat pumps

Hall cooling in industry & logistics as a complete system

Gas heat pumps from Schwank can heat and cool efficiently – and both at the same time. They combine the highly efficient energy source gas with the use of free environmental heat. Economy included. Gas heat pumps from Schwank ensure the right temperature in both winter and summer.

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Properties of Schwank cooling solutions

Hall climate simply explained

Hall cooling with the gas heat pumps

With Schwank gas heat pumps, heating and cooling operations can be carried out in an extremely efficient manner, and moreover, by just one system. As compared to the electrically operated heat pump, a gas motor takes over the propulsion of a refrigerant process. There are a number of advantages from the gas heat pump using gas as its energy source instead of electricity for the generation of heating or cooling.

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