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Schwank has developed a terrace heater that takes into consideration the special requirements of the restaurant in terms of a quick amortisation period. Due to the sleek design, terrasSchwank submits to the building architecture and outdoor design of the restaurant unit.

A vacation-like feel throughout the year

Extremely efficient terrace heater

  • Power classes: 3.5 kW [terrasSchwank+ 4] or 6.7 kW [terrasSchwank+ 7/2A]
  • Operation with natural gas or propane [LPG]
  • Reduces NOx to a great extent using patented ceramic tile
  • Increased efficiency as compared to usual patio heaters
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 60%
  • Optionally with WindSecure system
  • Optional elegant protective cover [e.g. for awning protection]

2-stage modulation

Thanks to the 2-step modulation, the heat output of terrasSchwank is easily adapted to the actual heat demand. In addition to simple On/Off cycles terrasSchwank is able to reduce its heat output by half.


In order to guarantee smooth operating in areas under windy conditions, terrasSchwank can be equipped with the WindSecure system. When installing in areas exposed to rain or under the awnings, a special rain and spacer protection can be used in the form of a cover.

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