solarSchwank airU | Fresh Air

solarSchwank airU | Fresh Air

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The solar-active, selectively coated absorber surface converts the energy of solar radiation particularly efficiently (with an absorption rate of 95 %). The greenhouse effect under the cover can thereby achieve a temperature increase of 100 Kelvin to the ambient temperature and is therefore an ideal renewable addition to your heating system. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials, solarSchwank airG can be mounted on almost any facade.

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A Solar Air Collector with High Efficiencies


  • high efficiency, absorption of up to 95 % solar energy
  • heating costs reduced by up to 50 %
  • solar-active, selective coating of collector surfaces
  • system temperature differences up to 50 Kelvin
  • fast ROI


  • targeted, preheated fresh air supply for industrial buildings
  • simple and quick installation
  • suitable for new and existing buildings

Added value

  • free heating of fresh air
  • renewable & CO2-free
  • can also be used for process heat
  • durable, corrosion-resistant components
  • lightweight construction system

Mounting of One Unglazed and One Glazed Solar Air Collector


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How Do Unglazed Solar Air Collectors Work?

If fresh air is required, this solar air collector is the right choice. The fresh air is heated by the energy gained from solar radiation and directly supplied to the building as pre-heated air. The solar air collector consists of a perforated and weather-resistant surface. A solar-active, selective coating ensures highly efficient conversion of solar energy into thermal energy (absorption rate approx. 95 %). Thanks to the use of configurable lightweight materials, solarSchwank airU can be mounted on almost any building’s facade.


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Save 50 % on energy costs & CO₂ with solar air collectors

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