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SchwankControl Touch

Modern heating systems by Schwank offer the possibility of recording and evaluating a large amount of information related to their status, their performance or their consumption. This information is of central importance if the objective is to operate the heating system efficiently and to therefore spare active operating costs. For this reason, Schwank engineers have developed a management system which captures the information of the heating system in real time, collates it and presents it in a transparent & intuitive form.

Optimised maintenance and repair thanks to Internet access and BUS-connection

In order to be able to guarantee a long-term efficient operation of the heating system, maintenance plays a significant role. In this case SchwankControl offers a crucial advantage: thanks to the BUS-connection to each individual heater in the building, SchwankControl signals when something is wrong. This minimises unnecessary downtime. Apart from the ModBus connection, SchwankControl also has Internet access. This enables access to the heating system from anywhere in the world. In this way, despite being away, users can be flexible in how they respond to new circumstances and examine settings on their heating systems. It is for this reason that SchwankControl has become the ideal control and regulation unit not only for operators but also for Energy-contracting providers.

Simplicity – intuitive operation and enhanced operation

Thanks to the touchscreen and the intuitive user interface, the SchwankControl operation is easy and self-explanatory. All important information can be viewed and settings can be carried out quickly and efficiently. SchwankControl allows for carrying out individual settings for each heating zone in a building. Be it temperature adjustments, holiday periods and shift times or one-time changes of heating times, all menu points can be accessed quickly and conveniently thanks to the intuitive user interface and can be customised in a user-friendly manner.

Flexibility – For more connectivity with the building infrastructure

SchwankControl can be tailored to suit individual circumstances and can be integrated into the Building Management System. A heating system never works as an independent system, but is a part of a complex building infrastructure. Irrespective of whether they are door contacts, sprinkler systems, access systems or something similar, all systems used in a building have an effect on your heating systems. For this reason, SchwankControl offers the opportunity for being flexible in integrating into superior systems, such as a Building Management System. SchwankControl also offers a large number of inputs and outputs, enabling it to react in a flexible way and in real time to various influences such as fluctuations in outside temperature, door opening times or changes in humidity. Through this high flexibility, SchwankControl contributes to the efficient control of your heating system and effectively saves operating costs.

In this section you will find product brochures, technical information and press articles about Schwank control technology.
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