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The lunaSchwank terrace heater is not only attractive but also technically mature. Developed for sophisticated patio and gastronomy concepts, these outdoor patio heaters fulfil all a hospitality venue‘s needs in terms of design, quality and economy. Compared to conventional open-air heating systems, the lunaSchwank patio heater works on the principle of the sun: with radiation. The compact terrace heating system generates infrared radiation, which can be used to heat surfaces in a targeted, effective and cost-saving manner.

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Outdoor patio heaters for advanced terraces

Design concept

Functional as well as visual requirements of modern alfresco dining styles were at the forefront during the development of the design of lunaSchwank gas patio heaters.  Their lean yet elegant design can integrate perfectly into various outdoor facilities. However, lunaSchwank is impressive not only due to its clear-cut form. The high-quality, double-enamelled surface that gives it such an elegant appearance also provides permanent corrosion protection.

Heat and weather-protection cover

For use under awnings, lunaSchwank gas patio heaters can be ordered with an optional heat and weather protection cover. Apart from functioning as a deflector plate, it also protects the device from weather influences.

Plug & Play

The suspension of lunaSchwank enables a wall mounting and an optional ceiling mounting. lunaSchwank gas patio heaters can therefore be mounted with ease.

2-step modulation

lunaSchwank has modulation as standard. lunaSchwank can therefore adjust the heat output according to the actual heat requirement. Conventional On/Off cycles and frequent ignitions are omitted. The benefits: The thermal comfort on the terrace increases through using these exceptional Schwank outdoor patio heaters, while the energy costs reduce.


lunaSchwank comes with the WindSecure system by Schwank as standard. Thanks to this system, lunaSchwank can be relied on to ignite even under the most difficult conditions for outdoor patio heaters such as wind and storm. A manual ignition of the device therefore becomes redundant and the heating operation is maintained.



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For gastronomic venues and private users

Effective terrace heating systems from Schwank

Anyone who would like to help their catering outlet to increase sales or private individuals that wish to sit out of doors in comfortable warmth should take a look at Schwank’s terrace heater. You can find all details here.

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