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With infraSchwank we set the industry standard in the field of tube heaters. Thanks to the optimised, environmentally friendly combustion on a ceramic burner plate and the high value construction of radiant tubes and reflectors, this infrared tube heater guarantees a high seasonal efficiency and, with it, significant energy savings.

The infraSchwank infrared radiant heater from Schwank is adaptable and is available in a single stage, 2-stage or fully modulating version. It is quick and easy to assemble meaning the system can be up and running quickly to start heating a building. The heater has been designed to provide excellent efficiency, while also supplying a high level of comfort.

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Tube heaters with top price/performance


  • Seasonal efficiency of 82.7%*
  • 60,2% radiation factor*
  • 91,4% thermal efficiency [with respect to the net calorific value NCV]
  • Full modulation as standard with this energy efficient tube heater

[* Calculated on the basis of the European Commission Directive 2015/1188  on the calorSchwank D 50/ M+L tube heater model]


  • Good heat distribution over the entire device length
  • Pushing blower system for long service life
  • Extremely quiet Whisper-Jet burner technology
  • “Made in Germany” quality
  • Fast and simple installation


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Blacklight with best price/performance

The infraSchwank tube heaters from Schwank offer excellent performance at a low price. Efficiency and economy are just as given as much a feature all other Schwank black body radiators. Find out all details here.

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