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hybridSchwank aero

hybridSchwank aero is used for the recovery of waste heat. For example, waste heat from machines, processes and heaters can therefore be efficiently used. Free waste heat can be made usable.


  • Efficiency enhancement through heat recovery
  • Reduction of operating costs through fresh air pre-heating
  • High-quality, recuperative air-air heat exchanger for energy recovery of up to 25% consisting of:
    • Cross-flow or counter-flow heat exchanger
    • Integrated exhaust gas bypass system including controllers
  • Complete layout of the heat recovery system, including:
    • Exhaust gas fans
    • Insulated duct system for supply air and exhaust air
    • Regulation technology for heat exchanger system
    • Source air outlets for recirculation of the heated fresh air
  • Option of integration into existing building control system

Functioning principle

The waste heat of all disciplines is accumulated beneath the building ceiling. Temperatures of up to 25 °C and higher are often observed in this area. The hybridSchwank aero heat recovery system uses the hitherto unused energy and supplies it to a recuperative air-air heat exchanger via a duct system. Within its exchanger, the heat is transferred to the fresh air passing by and is fed back directly to the common area of the building.

The hybridSchwank aero can save operating costs since the heat recovery can be up to 25% [with respect to installed heat output]. By using this highly efficient heat recovery system, the hot air accumulated beneath the building ceiling is therefore converted into heated fresh air and is directly fed back to the building.

In this section you will find product brochures, technical information and press articles on condensing condensing technology and heat recovery from Schwank.
Condensing technology – Brochure EN
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