HR Series

HR Series

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Schwank warm air units have a top seasonal energy efficiency. The Schwank HR is a condensing unit air heater with axial fan which offers efficient heating solutions for industry and commerce combined with energy savings and excellent comfort temperatures.

The Schwank HR is an industrial warm air heating system which is suitable for installation in a range of environments. These include showrooms, retail stores, sports centres and traditional industrial environments.

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Warm air units with robust technology & solid processing


  • High efficiency measured at over 106%
  • Energy saving (up to 25% compared to conventional heaters)
  • Premix burner allows the heater to modulate back to 20% of maximum capacity at need
  • Vertical gradient control for effective temperature monitoring and management
  • Condensation discharge system ensures high efficiency performance


  • High grade stainless steel  heat exchanger as standard with a 5-year warranty
  • Variable air distribution
  • Compact measurements and attractive design make the HR heaters ideal for locations such as showrooms, retail stores, sports centres as well as traditional industrial environments.


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    Warm air units from Schwank are ideal for providing efficient heating solutions for low ceilinged halls in industry and commerce. The Schwank HR high performance heater is energy efficient, durable and fully ErP compliant. Find out full details here.

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