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Thanks to its innovative concept and the use of unique components, such as the bluTek burner, the deltaSchwank combines a whole range of benefits. A radiation factor of 80.6% in combination with a thermal efficiency of 96.3% facilitates a seasonal efficiency of 99.0%. At the same time, the deltaSchwank tube heater is exceptionally environmentally friendly with only 60 mg/kWh NOx.

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The most efficient gas-infrared Schwank tube heaters


  • 99,0% seasonal efficiency [Calculated according to European Commission Directive 2015/1188  on the deltaSchwank 320U]
  • 80,6% radiation factor for these Schwank tube heaters
  • 96,3% thermal efficiency and thus up to 50% reduced exhaust gas losses [with respect to the calorific value Hi]
  • Average 72% lower auxiliary energy consumption
  • Full modulation as standard with these energy efficient heaters


  • On-board diagnostic function for optimised maintenance & repair
  • Predictive maintenance = maximum system availability
  • ModBus-compatible
  • 15 years warranty [Applies in combination with the Premium GaraPlus package
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • “Made in Germany” quality


  • 20% less CO2 and up to 55% lower NOx thanks to the patented bluTek burner with pneumatic gas/air mixture [Exhaust gas values vary according to the product type.]
  • Minimised switching cycles for a longer product service life for this most efficient heating solution


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The gas infrared dark radiator with 99.0% seasonal energy efficiency

The gas infrared Schwank tube heaters with 99.0% seasonal energy efficiency.

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Suite 21, 50 Churchill Square Business Centre
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