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Gas-powered tube heaters operate decentrally, generating heat where it is needed. A tube heater emits infrared radiation through its long radiant tubes. Schwank tube heaters (also known as dark radiators) are characterised by innovative detail solutions and the highest "Made in Germany" quality standards. The materials used are consistently designed for longevity and efficient heaters.

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Infrared heating for industry & trade


  • Seasonal energy efficiency of up to 86.9%
  • Radiation factor of up to 70.2%*
  • Full modulation as standard

*[ Calculated on the basis of European Commission Directive 2015/1188 on the calorSchwank D 30/M+ U tube heater model]


  • “Made in Germany” quality
  • Ceramic insulation
  • Long laminar flame
  • Whisper-Jet pressurised burner system for individual tube heater systems
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Fast and simple installation


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For Endusers and Engineering Designers

calorSchwank: proven a thousand times

The calorSchwank is the premium model among Schwank’s dark radiators. This ceiling-mounted tube heater hall heating system demonstrates exceptional efficiency and economy. You can find all information here.

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Suite 3, 10 Churchill Square
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+44 [0] 208 641 3900

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