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Gas-powered tube heaters operate decentrally, generating heat where it is needed. A tube heater emits infrared radiation through its long radiant tubes. Schwank dark radiators are characterized by innovative detail solutions and the highest quality standards "Made in Germany". The materials used are consistently designed for longevity and efficient heaters.

The calorSchwank tube heater is the premium model amongst Schwank tube heaters. Thanks to its intelligent burner technology, high-quality reflector insulation as well as highly reflective reflectors, it belongs to the most efficient heaters of its class. In contrast to the basic model infraSchwank, this tube heater consumes approximately 20% less energy. In spite of its low material strength, the insulation used achieves the fourfold effect as compared to conventional insulation materials. These energy efficient heaters ensure a high ErP value and guarantee economical operation.

High efficiency at low energy costs

  • Seasonal energy efficiency of up to 86.9%
  • Radiation factor of up to 70.2%*
  • Full modulation as standard
  • “Made in Germany” quality
  • Ceramic insulation
  • Long laminar flame
  • Whisper-Jet pressurised burner system for individual systems
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Fast and simple installation
  • * Calculated on the basis of Directive 2015/1188 of the European Commission on the calorSchwank D 30/M+ U tube heater model

calorSchwank U


calorSchwank L

calorSchwank LL

In this section you will find product brochures, technical information and press articles about calorSchwank.
calorSchwank D L – Brochure EN
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calorSchwank, Tube heaters 12. February 2019
calorSchwank D LL – Brochure EN
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calorSchwank, Tube heaters 12. February 2019
calorSchwank – Effizienzwerte [ErP]
1 file(s) 171 downloads
calorSchwank, Tube heaters 5. December 2018
infraSchwank calorSchwank L – Manual EN
1 file(s) 66 downloads
calorSchwank, infraSchwank 12. February 2019
infraSchwank calorSchwank U – Manual EN
1 file(s) 57 downloads
calorSchwank, infraSchwank 12. February 2019
calorSchwank D U – Brochure EN
1 file(s) 53 downloads
calorSchwank, Tube heaters 12. February 2019


The first system with our new high efficiency deltaSchwank tube heater has been successfully put into operation.

Our highly efficient deltaSchwank dark spotlight has convinced another jury. This time because of its special design.

Since 01.01.2018, the ErP Directive has also applied to hall heating systems such as tube heaters. Systems from SCHWANK achieve excellent values here. Find out everything you need to know about the requirements of the new Ecodesign directive below.

Application reports


Schwank heating systems are ideal for heating hangars. The infrared radiation penetrates the air loss-free. Saving energy.

Less draft and noise – but more comfort and 30% energy savings. These are the advantages of the Schwank tube heaters in logistics halls.

The original boiler system in the production was replaced by an efficient heating system with tube heaters by Schwank. The success: 40% savings.