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A warm air heater for heating industrial halls and commercial buildings is particularly suitable for office buildings, several floors and separated hall sections. The ARM-V not only convinces as a direct-fired warm air heater with efficient burner technology. But also due to the integrated warm air recirculation and the high-performance axial fan. The ARM-V is characterised by the vertical blowing direction, which is ideal for ceiling mounting.

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High efficiency warm air unit


  • Seasonal efficiency of 72.82% [ARM 5V]
  • 2-in-1 product – vertical air heater including hot air recirculation
  • Reduction of investment and operating costs, since no additional ceiling fans need to be mounted.
  • Reduction of the hot-air cushion beneath the ceiling
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger made of aluminised steel
  • Modulating burner [2-stage]: 70-100%


  • High-performance axial fan made of aluminium for long service life
  • Adjustable air outlet for optimal air distribution
  • Uncomplicated regulation


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Schwank warm air units – proven in practice

The ARM-V warm air unit from Schwank is fully ErP-compliant. It leaves room for planning in small and low rooms and is also suitable for the renewal of large air volumes.

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