aeroSchwank H-RI

aeroSchwank H-RI

Air Handling Units, Ventilation Technology

Our rooftop solution for decentralised hall ventilation: In a weatherproof version and in the building, ventilation ducts can often be dispensed with entirely.

These high-tech air handling systems have been designed to be as efficient as possible, as seen with the inclusion of energy-saving EC fans and a counterflow heat exchanger.

In addition to supply and exhaust air, the integrated roof base also accommodates all other media. It can be assembled in advance and integrated into the roof structure. This saves coordination effort and time. The clearly defined interface ensures permanent tightness. The supply air in the aeroSchwank H-RI can be easily distributed for industrial ventilation using one or more blow-out heads. Layer ventilation can also be implemented with little effort.

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The air handling unit as a decentralised industrial ventilation system

The main benefits of the aeroSchwank H-RI:

  • designed for decentralised building ventilation
  • highly efficient counterflow heat exchanger
  • 4 sizes from 500 – 15,000 m³ / h
  • sealing the device roof with hat profiles without silicone
  • integrated roof base – a single implementation for all media
  • blow-out technology can be integrated

Product details

Rooftop with highly efficient heat recovery

The aeroSchwank H-RI is characterised by …

  • a large volume flow range from 500 to 15,000 m³ / h
  • the heat recovery system with counterflow plate heat exchanger with heat recovery up to 90%
  • energy-saving EC fans
  • 100% summer bypass
  • 100% recirculation mode bypassing the heat exchanger
  • the weatherproof version for roof mounting
  • the weatherproof version for aeroSchwank H-R1 for roof mounting  industrial ventilation applications
  • silicone-free sealing of the device roof
  • the ready-to-connect delivery – plug & play

This air handling unit is optionally available with …

  • pump hot water [PWW] or electric heating register
  • cooling coil for water or direct evaporation
  • silencer integrated in the base
  • regulation [integrated or external]
  • pass-through technology for the distribution of supply air


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For Endusers and Engineering Designers

The aeroSchwank H-Rl air handling unit includes an impressive heat exchange principle

These Schwank air handling units are not only suitable providing ventilation in a hall, but also for heating and cooling. You can find out all the details here.

  • Air Handling Units – Brochure

    A decentralised systems is defined by placing several smaller units on the roof of the building
    opposed to a central system where only one unit supplies the whole building…

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