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Cogeneration units

Electricity and heat from one system

We make energy-efficient cogeneration units in cooperation with 2G, the leading German manufacturer for CHP. A cogeneration unit is the ideal solution for all those who want to reduce long-term energy costs and disconnect themselves from further rises in electricity prices. CHPs are becoming increasingly popular especially in the field of commercial and industrial buildings. CHPs will also become extremely important in general applications in future. It is estimated that by 2025, over 20% of the generated energy will be generated by CHPs and other cogeneration systems.

CHP units can be used very flexibly and make sense in any building where electricity and heat are required. Especially with regard to their energy requirements, commercial and industrial hall buildings provide a special challenge. CHP plants meet these challenges in a special way, which qualifies them for use in such buildings.

Schwank has been an expert in heating and cooling such buildings for over 80 years. We combine our experience in handling large hall constructions with 2G's motor expertise in CHP.


Your benefits at a glance

The advantages of Schwank cogeneration units

  • High efficiency thanks to highly efficient gas engine
  • Short payback times
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Energy saving due to extraordinary efficiency
  • Relief of the power grid through on-site power generation
  • Low CO2 emissions due to gas as energy source


How does a CHP work?

The functioning principle of a CHP is really simple. A CHP is a gas-fired engine, which is connected to a generator as well as an exhaust gas heat exchanger. The gas motor drives the generator. This is how electricity is generated. The resultant exhaust gases are channelled through the heat exchanger. The heat can therefore be used effectively. Thanks to the efficient use of the waste heat, a CHP can convert 95% of the used energy into heat and electricity. What’s more: the bigger the CHP [electrical output], the higher the overall efficiency.Possible areas of application of the generated heat:
  • Heating systems
  • Process heat
  • Steam generation
  • Hot water
  • Hot air
  • Thermal oils

For whom is a CHP beneficial?

A CHP is beneficial in any building where electricity and heat are required. A target-oriented design and size selection can take place through the following two approaches:


In order to design the sizing of the CHP, the electricity requirement of the property is taken as the basis. The essential advantage of this method is that the CHP therefore serves as a backup for an extremely flexible power supply. Buffer storage is used in order to ensure a stable heat supply.


The heat requirement of the property is the focus of this approach. Unlike the design of conventional heating systems, the basic requirement - and not the peak demand - is taken in to account. The generated electricity is either consumed or fed into the public electricity grid. By means of absorption refrigeration, even a cooling solution is possible

How economically do cogeneration units work?

Blockheizkraftwerke werden aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen angeschafft. Ihre tatsächliche Wirtschaftlichkeit hängt von mehrer Faktoren ab:Annual operating hours
  • Depending on the continuity with which a CHP is operated, the efficiency can increase or decrease. The more the amount of electricity and heat generated, the more is the efficiency of a CHP.
Value of the generated electricity
  • If the generated electricity is fed into the public electricity grid, the fuel used plays a role. If the electricity itself is consumed, it need not be purchased expensively.
Value of the generated heat
  • The value of the generated heat can be derived from the costs that would arise if a conventional heating system is used.
2G is one of the top manufacturers of cogeneration units in Germany and possesses in-depth expertise when it comes to the development of specialised motors. In combination with the wide-ranging product portfolio and the know-how of Schwank, we are capable of developing the ideal solutions for our customers.

Schwank and 2G: Common values and objectives

Schwank is a leading innovator as well as world market leader in the field of innovative heating and cooling systems for commercial and industrial buildings and has over 80 years of experience in this field. We specialise in the development of heating and cooling solutions for commercially and industrially used buildings and know the demands and requirements of their operators very well. 2G is one of the top 3 manufacturers of cogeneration units in Germany. It has in-depth competences when it comes to cogeneration units and has tremendous experience with regard to developing the ideal solution for customers. Schwank and 2G are characterised by high service quality, we support our customers globally and therefore guarantee the durability and quality of our products.Benefits of 2G:
  • Top 3 manufacturers in Germany
  • High expertise in terms of motor technology
  • High product diversity – the right solution for every requirement
  • Top container concepts
  • Top service worldwide
  • 20 years of project planning experience
  • Financing & leasing solutions
In this section you will find product brochures, technical information and press articles about Schwank's cogeneration units.
Cogeneration units – Brochure EN
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Thanks to its leading heating technologies and outstanding product and service quality, the WirtschaftsWoche recently named the Schwank Group the “world market leader”.