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Control technology

A system as if cast from one mould

All components of the Schwank control technology are part of a holistic system that has been developed specifically for the Schwank heating systems. Especially developed for use in industry, commerce or logistics, the system knows the complex climatic conditions of big spaces and also takes account of human needs and technical installations.


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Apart from the desired room temperature, the minimum outdoor temperature of the respective location also forms the basis for the calculation of the heat requirement of buildings. For instance, it is -16 °C for Munich. In order to ensure that the building maintains the desired target temperature even at these temperatures, the heating system is designed for these minimum temperatures. In other words, this means that the heating system is oversized for 95% of the time.Similar to your car, the heating system consumes the most energy under full load. Since the full output is required only rarely, the full modulation offers the option of adapting the output to the actual requirement. Up to 14% of the energy can therefore be saved. Additionally, the modulation enhances comfort. While single-step solutions show severe fluctuations in the actual temperature, a fully modulating system by Schwank can be flexible in adjusting its output. As a result, the actual and target temperature lie significantly closer to each other and temperature fluctuations are avoided.

Connectivity through ModBus

All Schwank luminous heater and tube heater systems have an integrated ModBUS interface. In this way, they can be ideally customised to fit the requirements of each customer. It enables a free arrangement of heating zones with which the configuration of the heating system can be best adapted to the usage profile of the building. In addition, the entire building infrastructure can be networked with the heating system, enabling precise control and therefore increased efficiency.
Schwank heating systems are perfectly compatible with the futuristic SchwankControl Touch control unit. The intelligent interplay of heating system and control panel allows for an innovative and user-friendly control, regardless of whether in the in-house company network or from anywhere in the world. With an extended service and maintenance function, the user profits in several ways: the complete recording of all relevant heating data [consumption, performance, heating cycles, etc.] enables a transparent analysis of the heating system, which actively contributes to an increase in efficiency of the system. With the Predictive Maintenance option, Schwank can directly communicate with the devices of the customer and rectify possible sources of faults even via remote maintenance or deduce a targeted course of action. This reduces operating as well as service costs and increases the reliability and service life of the system.

Good was never enough for us.

With the components of the Schwank control technology, our solutions are perhaps the most intelligent building heating systems in the world. The high measure of connectivity ensures maximum operating and heating comfort for the operator. Increased system transparency in terms of performance, consumption and status delivers all relevant data for efficient control and system safety.With the Schwank control technology, we bring out the best in our hall heating systems.For highest efficiency. For flexibility. For your requirements.

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