HVLS-Fans for industry: The monsters are coming!

Das Keyvisual von MonsterFans.

In July 2020 Schwank launches a brand new product line. It’s about HVLS-fans for industrial buildings. Schwank calls its big fans MonsterFans.

How about a fresh breeze in your production or logistics facility? We can take care of that: With our new MonsterFans. These big fans – a proven technology from the USA – are the newest addition  to the Schwank family. The fans are also called HVLS-Fans [High Volume, Low Speed] as they move massive volumes of air at a very low speed with only 10-95 rounds per minute creating a particularly pleasant breeze in summer. The effect is a drop of 5° C ambient temperature at very low costs. Great side effect: In winter they can lower your heating cost by bringing the warm air that naturally rises to the ceiling down to the floor level. Find out more details on the new MonsterFans website.


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